Foraminifera note details

"Abstract: In this paper small foraminifers with bolivinide tests from the Lower Aptian and lower part of the Middle Aptian of Northwest Germany are described as Ahlumia brunsvicensis n. gen. n. sp. Since the wall structure is optically granular, it cannot belong to the Bolivinacea. The new genus should rather be assigned to the Fursenkoinacea and probably represents their ancestral form. Ahlumia brunsvicensis n. sp. is characterized by a siphon-like tube connecting all chambers from the first to the last. Next to it, there is a normal aperture without a tooth, giving the impression of a double aperture." Daniels, C. H. von; Kemper, E. (1995, p. 125)
Daniels, C. H. von; Kemper, E. (1995). Ahlumia brunsvicensis n. gen. n. sp., eine neue Foraminifere des nordwestdeutschen Unter-Apt. <em>Geologisches Jahrbuch, Hannover.</em> 141: 225-233. Available for editors  PDF available
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