Foraminifera note details

ICZN article In the case of a diacritic or other mark, the mark concerned is deleted, except that in a name published before 1985 and based upon a German word, the umlaut sign is deleted from a vowel and the letter "e" is to be inserted after that vowel (if there is any doubt that the name is based upon a German word, it is to be so treated). The genus Stensiöina was named in honor of Erik Stensiö, a Swedish paleozoologist. Loeblich and Tappan (1957) spelled the genus Stensioeina and so does a majority of recent authors. Several species were published using the spelling Stensiöina and Stensioina.
Brotzen, F. (1936). Einige nomenklatorische Änderungen zu meiner Untersuchung der Foraminiferen aus dem schwedischen untersten Senon von Eriksdal in Schonen. <em>Geologiska Foereningan i Stockholm. Foerhandlingar.</em> 58(4): 596-597. 
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