Echinoidea note details

Forbes (1852, Figures and Descriptions Illustrative of British Organic Remains. Decade IV) mentions that this "beautiful Echinite was originally named by Mr. Searles Wood" and consequently used Woods' name "excavatus", mentioning (in the synonymy list), but disregarding the name woodsii established by Agassiz (in Agassiz & Desor) for that taxon in 1846. Wood's name "excavatus", however, does not appear to have been made available prior to Forbes work. The name appear in Morris (1843: p. 60) Catalogue of British Fossils, but is not accompanied by any description or illustration, being attributed to an unpublished manuscript of Wood. Forbes, clearly is the first author to fulfill the criteria for availibility (in 1852) and therefore needs to be considered the author of T. excavatus. Contrary to Mortensens opinion that the name excavatus should be kept (Mortensen 1943: p. 276) T. woodsii clearly has priority over T. excavatus, as already concluded by Gregory (1891), and according to the ICZN regulations (see also Jagt & Idema 2002: p. 224).
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