Echinoidea note details

Coppard & Lessios (2017) wrote: “Nested within the Atlantic clade of E. emarginata are the morphospecies E. subclausa, E. oblonga and E. valensciennesii. Genetic distances between concatenated sequences of E. emarginata, E. subclausa, and E. oblonga ranged between 0.28 and 0.35%; mean intra-morph distances ranged between 0.03 and 0.47% [...]. Thus, inter-morph variation was no larger than intra-morph variation, suggesting very strongly that these three morphs belong to the same species. The single specimen of E. valensciennesii we were able to obtain had similarly small distances in COI, ATPase8 and 28S, but values of 3.48–4.04% in ATPase6 and of 1.38% in 16S, which suggest a certain degree of differentiation [...]. There were well-supported subclades within E. emarginata sensu lato, but they did not correspond to morphological variation, nor did they conform to geographical structure.”
Coppard, S.E. & Lessios, H.A. (2017). Phylogeography of the sand dollar genus Encope: implications regarding the Central American Isthmus and rates of molecular evolution. <em>Scientific Reports.</em> 7(1): 11520. 
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