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Benham, W.B. (1921). Polychaeta. Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, Scientific Reports, Series C - Zoology and Botany. 6(3): 1-128.
10.5962/bhl.title.16201 [view]
Benham, W.B.
Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, Scientific Reports, Series C - Zoology and Botany
6(3): 1-128
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD)
[From Introduction]

The Polychaet fauna of the Antarctic and Sub-antarctic regions is perhaps as well known as that of any other region, with the exception, it may be, of that of the North Sea and Mediterranean, which has been studied intensively by numerous zoologists for nearly a century.

In defining the extent of the Antarctic region I follow Ehlers, who includes not only the shores of the land-mass, but those islands which lie to the south of the outermost limit of the drifting sea-ice; thus the islands of South Georgia and Bouvet are included, while the Falkland, Crozet and Kerguelen Islands belong to the Sub-antarctic region.

The various expeditions to these high southern latitudes have brought back a considerable number of worms, many of which, indeed the majority, are confined to these two regions.

Systematics, Taxonomy
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Amythas Benham, 1921 (original description)
Amythas membranifera Benham, 1921 (original description)
Hololepidella flynni Benham, 1921 accepted as Parapolyeunoa flynni (Benham, 1921) (original description)
 Depth range

2-4.5 fathoms (3.6-8 m).  [details]


Antarctica: Adélie Land.  [details]


Capa & Bakken 2015 indicate Augener's (1927) mainland Australia record is doubtful: "should not be considered to be ... [details]


Benham stated that the name is formed by transfer of the initial "S" of Samytha to the end. [details]


Benham: "spissus - crowded, close together as of seats - here has reference to the integumental papillae." [details]


Taxon dedicated to Dr. Archibald Lang McLean (1885-1922), Australian bacteriologist and chief doctor of the ... [details]


The species is dedicated to Douglas Mawson (b. Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK, May 5, 1882 - d. Brighton, South ... [details]


Not stated.  [details]


Benham (1921) notes the similarity to the previously described E. heterosetosa, and takes trouble to note two ... [details]

 Type locality

Antarctic Ocean, Adélie Land, Commonwealth Bay, Boat Harbour (67ºS, 142º36'E), 2-4.5 fathoms (3.6-8 m).  [details]

 Type locality

Benham (1921: 25) gives the location as from both Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica (67 S), which he lists first, and ... [details]

 Type locality

Boat Harbour, Commonwealth Bay (Adelie Land, Antarctica), 25-30 fathoms (about 45-55 meters).  [details]

 Type locality

Macquarie Island, subantarctic south of New Zealand, collected by shore party. -54.7029, 158.8802 by gazetteer [details]

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