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Leptastacus Scott T., 1906

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Species Leptastacus acuticaudatus Krishnaswamy, 1957
Species Leptastacus christelleae Bodiou & Colomines, 1989
Species Leptastacus constrictus Lang, 1965
Species Leptastacus corsicaensis Huys, 1992
Species Leptastacus coulli Huys, 1992
Species Leptastacus ctenatus Mielke, 1982
Species Leptastacus delamarei Rouch, 1962
Species Leptastacus dispinosus Mielke, 1982
Species Leptastacus euryhalinus Krishnaswamy, 1957
Species Leptastacus incurvatus Lang, 1965
Species Leptastacus japonicus Itô, 1968
Species Leptastacus jenneri Lindgren, 1975
Species Leptastacus kwintei Huys, 1992
Species Leptastacus laminaserrata Mielke, 1985
Species Leptastacus laticaudatus Nicholls, 1935
Species Leptastacus mehuinensis Mielke, 1985
Species Leptastacus mozambicus Wells, 1967
Species Leptastacus naylori McLachlan & Moore, 1978
Species Leptastacus nichollsi Krishnaswamy, 1951
Species Leptastacus operculatus Masry, 1970
Species Leptastacus paratypicus (Nicholls, 1939)
Species Leptastacus pygmaeus Huys, 1992
Species Leptastacus rostratus Nicholls, 1939
  » Subspecies Leptastacus rostratus taurica Marinov, 1974 accepted as Schizothrix pontica (Griga, 1962) (synonym according to Huys, 1992)
Species Leptastacus spatuliseta Mielke, 1982
Species Leptastacus spinicaudatus (Scott T. & A., 1895)
Species Leptastacus uncinatus Cottarelli & Venanzetti, 1989
Species Leptastacus waltairensis Rao & Ganapati, 1969
Species Leptastacus wieseri Chappuis, 1958

Species Leptastacus minutus Chappuis, 1954 (taxon inquirendum)

Species Leptastacus macronyx (Scott T., 1892) represented as Leptastacus macronyx macronyx (Scott T., 1892)

Species Leptastacus aberrans Chappuis, 1954 accepted as Archileptastacus aberrans (Chappuis, 1954)
Species Leptastacus taurica Marinov, 1974 accepted as Schizothrix pontica (Griga, 1962) (synonym according to Huys, 1992)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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page(s): 461 [details]   

additional source Scott, T. (1906). Notes on British Copepoda: change of names. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7(17):458-466, pl. 11. (v-1906)
page(s): 461 [details]   
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Japanese クシゲスナミジンコ  [details]
Leptastacus macronyx from Sars, G.O. 1911
 Leptastacus macrony...
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