Copepoda note details

Taxonomic remark
Remarks.— From the fact that H. quadrabdominalis Yu, 1933 as redescribed by Jones (1985) based on new material recovered from the Atlantic bigeye, was found to be not identical with H. quadrabdominalis nor H. curvata, which was relegated to the synonymy of H. quadrabdominalis by Jones (1985), H. jonesi Izawa, 2016 was elected for the Jones’ (1985) “quadrabdominalis” by Izawa (2016a). However, the name ‘jonesi’ was found to be preoccupied by H. jonesi Uyeno & Nagasawa, 2010.
Izawa, K. (2016). Some new and known species of Hatschekia Poche, 1902 (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida, Hatschekiidae) parasitic on the branchial lamellae of Japanese actinopterygian fishes belonging to Perciformes, with revision of the known species of the genus. <em>Crustaceana.</em> 89(2): 209-238. Available for editors  PDF available
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