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Littorina littorea (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Catalan caragolí comú  [details]
Danish stor  [details]
Dutch gewone alikruikalikruik  [details]
English periwinklecommon periwinkle  [details]
Finnish rantakotilo  [details]
French vignotlittorine commune d'Europelittorine communcaracolebigorneau communbigorneau  [details]
German gemeine Uferschneckegemeine Strandschnecke  [details]
Italian littorina comune  [details]
Norwegian Bokmål storstrandsnegl  [details]
Norwegian Nynorsk storstrandsnigel  [details]
Portuguese caramujo  [details]
Scottish Gaelic faocha  [details]
Spanish caracolillobígaro  [details]
Swedish vanlig strandsnäcka  [details]