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Terpios gelatinosus (Bowerbank, 1866)

1041930  (

Terpios gelatinosa (Bowerbank, 1866) (correction of species name to match gender of genus name)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
Van Soest, R.W.M; Boury-Esnault, N.; Hooper, J.N.A.; Rützler, K.; de Voogd, N.J.; Alvarez, B.; Hajdu, E.; Pisera, A.B.; Manconi, R.; Schönberg, C.; Klautau, M.; Picton, B.; Kelly, M.; Vacelet, J.; Dohrmann, M.; Díaz, M.-C.; Cárdenas, P.; Carballo, J. L.; Ríos, P.; Downey, R. (2018). World Porifera database. Terpios gelatinosus (Bowerbank, 1866). Accessed through: VLIZ Belgian Marine Species Consortium (2010 onwards) Belgian Register of Marine Species at: on 2018-06-20
VLIZ Belgian Marine Species Consortium (2010 onwards). Belgian Register of Marine Species. Terpios gelatinosus (Bowerbank, 1866). Accessed at: on 2018-06-20
2017-10-23 17:26:52Z

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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Type locality 


Dutch blauwe korstspons [from synonym]  [details]
English blue encrusting sponge [from synonym]  [details]
German blauwer Krustenschwamm [from synonym]  [details]