BeRMS specimen details

Code/Type no.SMNH 1493-03
MuseumSMNH - Swedish Museum of Natural History
Specimen count1
IdentificationLectotypeChaetozone setosa Malmgren, 1867 [details]
LocalitySpitsbergen (Isfjorden, Spitsbergen, 55 m, geolocation estimated (gazetteer) 78.3412, 15.1792 [Polychaeta interface: currently the map may not display correctly centred on high Arctic - zoom out then turn off the distribution polygons (click the + symbol on right side) should enable the position to be seen])
Start latitude78.3412 (78° 20' 28.3" N)
Start longitude15.1792 (15° 10' 45.1" E)
Depthshallow55 m
Date   action   by
2008-03-26 11:36:43Z  created  Fauchald, Kristian
2015-02-18 21:51:15Z  changed  Read, Geoffrey
2015-02-19 21:07:27Z  changed  Read, Geoffrey

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