BeRMS specimen details

Code/Type no.MX0185
MuseumGENT - Ghent University - Phycology (look up in IMIS)
NotesEcology: dense, dark green mats firmly attached to substrate
Field identification: Green filament
PreservationWet specimen: Ethanol
IdentificationNontypeBryopsis J.V.Lamouroux, 1809 [details]
CollectorVerbruggen H., Tyberghein L.
LocalityCanal de Boca Chica (Pacific Ocean , Mexico)
Start latitude16.8272 (16° 49' 37.8" N)
Start longitude-99.9119 (99° 54' 42.9" W)
Depthshallow3 m
Date   action   by
2009-03-30 08:59:38Z  created  Tyberghein, Lennert
2009-06-05 08:27:31Z  changed  Verbruggen, Heroen

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