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NameHayward P.J. & McKinney F.K. (2002). Northern Adriatic Bryozoa from the vicinity of Rovinj, Croatia. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 270: 139 pp.
AuthorsHayward, P. J.; McKinney, F. K.
TitleNorthern Adriatic Bryozoa from the vicinity of Rovinj, Croatia
JournalBulletin of the American Museum of Natural History
Suffix270: 139
Type Publication
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorSchizomavella cornuta (Heller, 1867) (basis of record)
Adriatic Sea for Frondipora Link, 1807
Adriatic Sea for Frondipora verrucosa (Lamouroux, 1821)
Adriatic Sea for Phoceana tubulifera (Heller, 1867)
Aegean Sea for Phoceana tubulifera (Heller, 1867)
Central Adriatic Sea for Crisia recurva Heller, 1867
Galicia for Prenantia cheilostoma (Manzoni, 1869)
Marseille for Parasmittina rouvillei (Calvet, 1902)
Marseille for Prenantia cheilostoma (Manzoni, 1869)
North Adriatic for Crisia recurva Heller, 1867
Rovinj for Cellepora adriatica Hayward & McKinney, 2002
Rovinj for Celleporina siphuncula Hayward & McKinney, 2002
Rovinj for Exidmonea coerula (Harmelin, 1976)
Rovinj for Exidmonea triforis (Heller, 1867)
Rovinj for Hagiosynodos hadros Hayward & McKinney, 2002
Rovinj for Parasmittina rouvillei (Calvet, 1902)
Rovinj for Prenantia cheilostoma (Manzoni, 1869)
Rovinj for Rhynchozoon revelatus Hayward & McKinney, 2002
Rovinj for Schizomavella subsolana Hayward & McKinney, 2002
Tunis for Phoceana tubulifera (Heller, 1867)
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