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NameMonniot, F. & C. Monniot (1997). Ascidians collected in Tanzania.
DOI10.2982/0012-8317(1997)86[1:acit];2 [view]
AuthorsMonniot, F.; Monniot, C.
TitleAscidians Collected in Tanzania
JournalJournal of East African Natural History
Suffix86(1), 1-35
Type Publication
NotePublished in 1999
AbstractAscidians were collected in Tanzania in january 1996 by SCUBA diving. Among 31 species reported here, nine are new. Several species were also recently collected in Mozambique. Full descriptions are given with figures and colour plates. The present collection of Tanzanian ascidians significantly increases the number of species known in the tropical western Indian Ocean, and enlargens the range of other ascodians previously unrecorded from the Indian Ocean.
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorDiplosoma listerianum (Milne Edwards, 1841) (additional source)
Chwaka Bay for Didemnum brevioris Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Djibouti for Botryllus gregalis (Sluiter, 1898)
Djibouti for Didemnum dicolla Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Djibouti for Eudistoma atrum Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Madagascar for Polycitor africanus Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Madagascar for Polysyncraton millepore Vasseur, 1968
Mozambique for Amphicarpa inhacae (Millar, 1956)
Mozambique for Botryllus gregalis (Sluiter, 1898)
Mozambique for Didemnum yolky Monniot & Monniot, 1997
Mozambique for Polycarpa mytiligera (Savigny, 1816)
Mozambique for Polycarpa nigricans Heller, 1878
Mozambique for Polycitor africanus Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Mozambique for Polysyncraton millepore Vasseur, 1968
Mozambique for Ritterella dispar Kott, 1957
Mozambique for Ritterella tokiokai Kott, 1992
Mozambique for Symplegma rubra Monniot, 1972
Pemba for Aplidium solidum (Ritter & Forsyth, 1917)
Pemba for Botryllus gregalis (Sluiter, 1898)
Pemba for Didemnum yolky Monniot & Monniot, 1997
Pemba for Eudistoma murrayi (Kott, 1957)
Pemba for Polycarpa nigricans Heller, 1878
Prison Island for Ritterella dispar Kott, 1957
Red Sea for Polycarpa mytiligera (Savigny, 1816)
South Africa (country) for Didemnum brevioris Monniot & Monniot, 1999
South Africa (country) for Polycitor africanus Monniot & Monniot, 1999
South Africa (country) for Polysyncraton millepore Vasseur, 1968
Tanzania for Amphicarpa inhacae (Millar, 1956)
Tanzania for Aplidium colini Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Aplidium solidum (Ritter & Forsyth, 1917)
Tanzania for Botryllus gregalis (Sluiter, 1898)
Tanzania for Didemnum brevioris Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Didemnum captivum Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Didemnum contortum Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Didemnum dicolla Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Didemnum granulatum Tokioka, 1954
Tanzania for Didemnum molle (Herdmann, 1886)
Tanzania for Didemnum nocturnum Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Didemnum perlucidum F. Monniot, 1983
Tanzania for Didemnum psammathodes (Sluiter, 1895)
Tanzania for Didemnum yolky Monniot & Monniot, 1997
Tanzania for Diplosoma listerianum (Milne Edwards, 1841)
Tanzania for Eudistoma amplum (Sluiter, 1909)
Tanzania for Eudistoma atrum Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Eudistoma hospitale F. Monniot, 1998
Tanzania for Eudistoma murrayi (Kott, 1957)
Tanzania for Lissoclinum bistratum (Sluiter, 1905)
Tanzania for Polycarpa mytiligera (Savigny, 1816)
Tanzania for Polycarpa nigricans Heller, 1878
Tanzania for Polycitor africanus Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Polyclinum constellatum Savigny, 1816
Tanzania for Polysyncraton millepore Vasseur, 1968
Tanzania for Polysyncraton rostrum Monniot & Monniot, 1999
Tanzania for Ritterella dispar Kott, 1957
Tanzania for Ritterella tokiokai Kott, 1992
Tanzania for Styela plicata (Lesueur, 1823)
Tanzania for Symplegma rubra Monniot, 1972
Zanzibar Channel for Symplegma rubra Monniot, 1972
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