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NameKisielewski, J. (1988). New records of marine Gastrotricha from the French coasts of Manche and Atlantic. 2. Chaetonotida, with descriptions of four new species Cah. Biol. Mar. 29(2): 187-213 In: Cahiers de Biologie Marine. Station Biologique de Roscoff: Roscoff. ISSN 0007-9723
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AbstractSixteen species of Chaetonotida were found in the region of Roscoff (English Channel) and Arcachon (Eastern Atlantic), four following being new: Xenotrichula quadritubulata, Chaetonotus inaequidentatus (Ch. Schultzei species group), Halichaetonotus atlanticus and Heterolepidoderma arenosum. Two further species, Chaetonotus? Variosquamatus and Aspidiophorus? Paramediterraneus, are reported for the first time from French coasts. Xenotrichula quadritubulata sp. nov. has showed the presence of two pairs of adhesive tubes; a new species group has been created for this gastrotrich. A large hypostomion in Halichaetonotus aculifer and H. atlanticus sp. nov. as well as early hermaphroditic phase in H. aculifer were observed.
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorHeterolepidoderma arenosum Kisielewski, 1988 (original description)
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