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Segers, H. 2007. Annotated checklist of the rotifers (Phylum Rotifera), with notes on nomenclature, taxonomy and distribution. (Zootaxa 1564). 104 pp.
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Brachionidae Ehrenberg, 1838 (additional source)
Brachionus plicatilis Müller, 1786 (additional source)
Colurella adriatica Ehrenberg, 1831 (additional source)
Colurella colurus (Ehrenberg, 1830) (additional source)
Colurella dicentra (Gosse, 1887) (additional source)
Colurella salina Althaus, 1957 (basis of record)
Dicranophoridae Harring, 1913 (additional source)
Encentrum marinum (Dujardin, 1841) (additional source)
Encentrum obesum Tzschaschel, 1979 (additional source)
Encentrum tenuidigitatum De Smet, 2000 (basis of record)
Encentrum villosum Harring & Myers, 1928 (additional source)
Eurotatoria (basis of record)
Flosculariaceae (additional source)
Gnesiotrocha (basis of record)
Keratella cruciformis (Thompson, 1892) (additional source)
Keratella eichwaldi (Levander, 1894) (additional source)
Keratella tropica (Apstein, 1907) (basis of record)
Keratella valga (Ehrenberg, 1834) (additional source)
Lepadellidae Harring, 1913 (basis of record)
Monogononta (additional source)
Notholca salina Focke, 1961 † (additional source)
Notholca salina dumonti De Ridder & Verheye, 1980 (additional source)
Philodinidae Ehrenberg, 1838 (additional source)
Ploima (additional source)
Proales christinae De Smet, 1994 (basis of record)
Proales halophila Remane, 1929 (additional source)
Proales reinhardti (Ehrenberg, 1834) (additional source)
Proales theodora (Gosse, 1887) (basis of record)
Proalidae Harring & Myers, 1924 (basis of record)
Pseudotrocha (basis of record)
Synchaeta baltica Ehrenberg, 1834 (additional source)
Synchaeta triophthalma Lauterborn, 1894 (additional source)
Synchaeta vorax Rousselet, 1902 (additional source)
Synchaetidae Hudson & Gosse, 1886 (additional source)
Testudinella clypeata (Müller, 1786) (additional source)
Testudinella patina (Hermann, 1783) (additional source)
Testudinellidae Harring, 1913 (additional source)
Trichocerca marina (Daday, 1890) (additional source)
Trichocercidae Harring, 1913 (additional source)