BeRMS distribution details

Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone  (EEZ)   (inaccurate)
Invalid determination. Species does not appear in Belgian part of North Sea according to Francis Kerckhof
Massin, C.; Norro, A.; Mallefet, J. (2002). Biodiversity of a wreck from the Belgian Continental Shelf: monitoring using scientific diving. Preliminary results. <em>Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique (Biologie).</em> 72: 67-72.  (look up in IMIS)  [details]
Lock, K.; Mees, J.; Vincx, M.; Goethals, P. L. M. (2011). Did global warming and alien invasions affect surf zone hyperbenthic communities on sandy beaches in Belgium?. <em>Hydrobiologia.</em> 664: 173-181, + suppl. mat. Available for editors  PDF available (look up in IMIS)  [details]
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