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Persephonaster facetus (Koehler, 1907)

234945  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
Mah, C.L. (2018). World Asteroidea Database. Persephonaster facetus (Koehler, 1907). Accessed at: on 2018-09-24
2006-12-04 08:41:33Z
2008-06-11 12:57:51Z
2008-10-09 02:45:19Z

original description  (ofPsilasteropsis facetus Koehler, 1907) Koehler, R. (1908). Astéries, Ophiures et Echinides de l'Expedition Antarctique National Ecossaise. Scottish National Antarctic Expedition. Report on the scientific results of the voyage of S.Y. Scotia during the years 1902, 1903, and 1904. 5(13): 193-313, 16 pl., available online at
page(s): 202; note: The full description following Koehler's announcement (1907) [details]   

original description  (ofPsilasteropsis facetus Koehler, 1907) Koehler, R. (1907). Asteries, Ophiures et Echinides recueillis dans les mers australes par la "Scotia" (1902-1904). Zoologischer Anzeiger. 32(6): 140-147., available online at
page(s): 143; note: This is the brief announcement before the full Koehler (1908) account.  [details]   

additional source Clark, A.M. (1989). An index of names of recent Asteroidea, part 1: Paxillosida and Notomyotida, in: Jangoux, M.; Lawrence, J.M. (Ed.) (1989). Echinoderm Studies, 3: pp. 225-347 (look up in IMIS[details]   

additional source Danis, B. & Jangoux, M. (2006). The SCAR-MarBIN Register of Antarctic Marine Species: Asteroidea. World Wide Web electronic publication., available online at [details]   

context source (Deepsea) Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS), available online at [details]   
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