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NameDe Domenico, F.; Chiantore, M.; Buongiovanni, S.; Ferranti, M. P.; Ghione, S.; Thrush, S.; Cummings, V.; Hewitt, J.; Kroeger, K.; Cattaneo-vietti, R. (2006). Latitude versus local effects on echinoderm assemblages along the Victoria Land coast, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Antarctic Science. 18(04): 655.
DOI10.1017/s095410200600068x [view]
AuthorsDe Domenico, F.; Chiantore, M.; Buongiovanni, S.; Ferranti, M. P.; Ghione, S.; Thrush, S.; Cummings, V.; Hewitt, J.; Kroeger, K.; Cattaneo-vietti, R.
TitleLatitude versus local effects on echinoderm assemblages along the Victoria Land coast, Ross Sea, Antarctica
JournalAntarctic Science
Suffix18(04): 655
Type Publication
AbstractData from two new cruises is used to assess whether latitude plays any role in influencing broadscale spatial patterns in echinoderm assemblage composition along the Victoria Land coast and the Balleny Islands as a contribution to the Latitudinal Gradient Project. Our results indicate that a latitudinal gradient is influencing assemblage structure in subtle and non-linear ways. The Balleny Islands system is different from the Victoria Land coast, probably because of a different biogeographic origin and current oceanographic conditions. Along the Victoria Land coast, latitude related differences arise when taking into account benthic biodiversity at different spatial scales. Alpha diversity increases from north to south, but beta diversity shows the opposite trend, although not linearly, suggesting the different importance of the iceberg disturbance along the northern Victoria Land coast.
Balleny Islands for Acodontaster conspicuus (Koehler, 1920)
Balleny Islands for Amphiura algida Koehler, 1911
Balleny Islands for Amphiura belgicae Koehler, 1900
Balleny Islands for Aporocidaris milleri (A. Agassiz, 1898)
Balleny Islands for Astrochlamys bruneus Koehler, 1912
Balleny Islands for Astrohamma tuberculatum (Koehler, 1923)
Balleny Islands for Astrotoma agassizii Lyman, 1875
Balleny Islands for Bathybiaster loripes obesus Sladen, 1889
Balleny Islands for Crossaster canopus H.E.S. Clark, 1963
Balleny Islands for Ctenocidaris perrieri Koehler, 1912
Balleny Islands for Ctenocidaris spinosa (Koehler, 1926)
Balleny Islands for Glabraster antarctica glaber Sladen, 1889
Balleny Islands for Glaciacantha jason Fell, 1961
Balleny Islands for Gorgonocephalus chilensis (Philippi, 1858)  (origin: native - endemic)
Balleny Islands for Leptychaster flexuosus (Koehler, 1920)
Balleny Islands for Lophaster gaini Koehler, 1912
Balleny Islands for Luidiaster gerlachei (Ludwig, 1903)
Balleny Islands for Lysasterias adeliae (Koehler, 1920)
Balleny Islands for Macroptychaster accrescens (Koehler, 1920)
Balleny Islands for Notasterias armata (Koehler, 1911)
Balleny Islands for Notasterias stolophora Fisher, 1940
Balleny Islands for Notocidaris platyacantha (H.L. Clark, 1925)
Balleny Islands for Odontaster meridionalis (E. A. Smith, 1876)
Balleny Islands for Odontaster validus Koehler, 1906
Balleny Islands for Ophiacantha antarctica Koehler, 1900
Balleny Islands for Ophiacantha pentactis Mortensen, 1936
Balleny Islands for Ophiacantha vivipara Ljungman, 1870
Balleny Islands for Ophioceres incipiens Koehler, 1922
Balleny Islands for Ophionotus victoriae Bell, 1902
Balleny Islands for Ophioperla koehleri (Bell, 1908)  (origin: native - endemic)
Balleny Islands for Ophiopyren regularis Koehler, 1901
Balleny Islands for Ophiosparte gigas Koehler, 1922  (origin: native - endemic)
Balleny Islands for Ophiosteira antarctica Bell, 1902  (origin: native - endemic)
Balleny Islands for Ophiura ambigua (Lyman, 1878)
Balleny Islands for Ophiuroglypha carinifera Koehler, 1901
Balleny Islands for Ophiurolepis gelida (Koehler, 1901)
Balleny Islands for Perknaster fuscus antarcticus (Koehler, 1906)
Balleny Islands for Psilaster charcoti (Koehler, 1906)
Balleny Islands for Pteraster stellifer Sladen, 1882
Balleny Islands for Sterechinus antarcticus Koehler, 1901
Balleny Islands for Sterechinus neumayeri (Meissner, 1900)
Balleny Islands for Toporkovia antarctica (Lyman, 1879)
Ross Sea for Kampylaster incurvatus Koehler, 1920  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Abatus cavernosus (Philippi, 1845)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Abatus elongatus (Koehler, 1908)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Abatus nimrodi (Koehler, 1911)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Abatus philippii LovĂ©n, 1871  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Abatus shackletoni Koehler, 1911  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Acodontaster conspicuus (Koehler, 1920)
Victoria Land for Amphiura algida Koehler, 1911
Victoria Land for Amphiura belgicae Koehler, 1900
Victoria Land for Aporocidaris milleri (A. Agassiz, 1898)
Victoria Land for Astrochlamys bruneus Koehler, 1912
Victoria Land for Astrohamma tuberculatum (Koehler, 1923)
Victoria Land for Astrotoma agassizii Lyman, 1875
Victoria Land for Austrocidaris canaliculata (A. Agassiz, 1863)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Bathybiaster loripes obesus Sladen, 1889
Victoria Land for Crossaster canopus H.E.S. Clark, 1963
Victoria Land for Ctenocidaris gigantea (H.L. Clark, 1925)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Ctenocidaris perrieri Koehler, 1912
Victoria Land for Ctenocidaris rugosa (Koehler, 1926)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Ctenocidaris spinosa (Koehler, 1926)
Victoria Land for Cuenotaster involutus (Koehler, 1912)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Diplasterias brucei (Koehler, 1908)
Victoria Land for Glabraster antarctica glaber Sladen, 1889
Victoria Land for Glaciacantha jason Fell, 1961
Victoria Land for Leptychaster flexuosus (Koehler, 1920)
Victoria Land for Lophaster gaini Koehler, 1912
Victoria Land for Luidiaster gerlachei (Ludwig, 1903)
Victoria Land for Lysasterias adeliae (Koehler, 1920)
Victoria Land for Macroptychaster accrescens (Koehler, 1920)
Victoria Land for Myoraster antarcticus Koehler, 1912  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Notasterias armata (Koehler, 1911)
Victoria Land for Notasterias stolophora Fisher, 1940
Victoria Land for Notocidaris platyacantha (H.L. Clark, 1925)
Victoria Land for Odontaster meridionalis (E. A. Smith, 1876)
Victoria Land for Odontaster validus Koehler, 1906
Victoria Land for Ophiacantha antarctica Koehler, 1900
Victoria Land for Ophiacantha pentactis Mortensen, 1936
Victoria Land for Ophiacantha vivipara Ljungman, 1870
Victoria Land for Ophioceres incipiens Koehler, 1922
Victoria Land for Ophiocten megaloplax Koehler, 1900  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Ophionotus victoriae Bell, 1902
Victoria Land for Ophiopyren regularis Koehler, 1901
Victoria Land for Ophiosteira bullivanti Fell, 1961  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Ophiosteira echinulata Koehler, 1922  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Ophiura ambigua (Lyman, 1878)
Victoria Land for Ophiuroglypha carinifera Koehler, 1901
Victoria Land for Ophiurolepis gelida (Koehler, 1901)
Victoria Land for Pedicellaster hypernotius Sladen, 1889  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Pergamaster triseriatus H.E.S. Clark, 1963  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Peribolaster macleani Koehler, 1920  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Peribolaster powelli H.E.S. Clark, 1963  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Perknaster densus Sladen, 1889  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Perknaster fuscus antarcticus (Koehler, 1906)
Victoria Land for Perknaster sladeni (Perrier, 1891)  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Psalidaster mordax Fisher, 1940  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Pteraster stellifer Sladen, 1882
Victoria Land for Saliasterias brachiata Koehler, 1920  (origin: native - endemic)
Victoria Land for Sterechinus antarcticus Koehler, 1901

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