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NameChiantore, M., Guidetti, M., Cavallero, M., De Domenico, F., Albertelli, G. & Cattaneo Vietti, R. 2006. Sea urchins, sea stars and brittle stars from Terra Nova Bay (Ross sea, Antarctica). Polar Biology 29, 467-475.
DOI10.1007/s00300-005-0077-2 [view]
AuthorsChiantore, M.; Guidetti, M.; Cavallero, M.; De domenico, F.; Albertelli, G.; Cattaneo-vietti, R.
TitleSea urchins, sea stars and brittle stars from Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)
JournalPolar Biology
Suffix29(6), 467-475
Type Publication
Full textAvailable for editors  PDF available
AbstractAlthough echinoderms constitute some of the most conspicuous taxa of the Antarctic benthic communities, the echinoderm fauna of Terra Nova has not been described yet. The present study provides the first species list of echinoids, ophiuroids and asteroids from Terra Nova Bay (30-500 in depth) and describes the depth distribution of these species. Preliminary observations of the summer reproductive condition of some of the species are also included.
Ross Sea for Lophaster gaini Koehler, 1912
Ross Sea for Odontaster meridionalis (E. A. Smith, 1876)
Ross Sea for Odontaster validus Koehler, 1906
Ross Sea for Pedicellaster hypernotius Sladen, 1889
Ross Sea for Perknaster densus Sladen, 1889
Ross Sea for Psilaster charcoti (Koehler, 1906)
Terra Nova Bay for Abatus elongatus (Koehler, 1908)
Terra Nova Bay for Abatus nimrodi (Koehler, 1911)
Terra Nova Bay for Abatus shackletoni Koehler, 1911
Terra Nova Bay for Amphiura algida Koehler, 1911
Terra Nova Bay for Amphiura belgicae Koehler, 1900
Terra Nova Bay for Astrotoma agassizii Lyman, 1875
Terra Nova Bay for Bathybiaster loripes obesus Sladen, 1889
Terra Nova Bay for Diplasterias brucei (Koehler, 1908)
Terra Nova Bay for Glabraster antarctica glaber Sladen, 1889
Terra Nova Bay for Glaciacantha jason Fell, 1961
Terra Nova Bay for Luidiaster gerlachei (Ludwig, 1903)
Terra Nova Bay for Notasterias armata (Koehler, 1911)
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiacantha antarctica Koehler, 1900
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiacantha pentactis Mortensen, 1936
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiacantha vivipara Ljungman, 1870
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiocten megaloplax Koehler, 1900
Terra Nova Bay for Ophionotus victoriae Bell, 1902
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiosparte gigas Koehler, 1922
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiosteira antarctica Bell, 1902
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiurolepis brevirima Mortensen, 1936
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiurolepis gelida (Koehler, 1901)
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiurolepis martensi (Studer, 1885)
Terra Nova Bay for Ophiurolepis tuberosa (Mortensen, 1936)
Terra Nova Bay for Perknaster fuscus antarcticus (Koehler, 1906)
Terra Nova Bay for Sterechinus neumayeri (Meissner, 1900)
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