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Flammulina E. von Martens, 1873

820863  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:820863)

Vitrina zebra Le Guillou, 1842 accepted as Flammulina zebra (Le Guillou, 1842) (type by subsequent designation)
Species Flammulina albozonata N. Gardner, 1969
Species Flammulina arboricola (Iredale, 1913)
Species Flammulina chiron (Gray, 1850)
Species Flammulina cornea (Hutton, 1882)
Species Flammulina crebriflammis (L. Pfeiffer, 1853)
Species Flammulina feredayi (Suter, 1891)
Species Flammulina jacquenetta (Hutton, 1883)
Species Flammulina lateaperta Dell, 1955
Species Flammulina olivacea (Suter, 1892)
Species Flammulina perdita (Hutton, 1883)
Species Flammulina tepakiensis N. Gardner, 1977
Species Flammulina zebra (Le Guillou, 1842)

Subgenus Flammulina (Allodiscus) Pilsbry, 1892 accepted as Allodiscus Pilsbry, 1892
Subgenus Flammulina (Calymna) Hutton, 1884 accepted as Flammulina E. von Martens, 1873
Subgenus Flammulina (Paryphantopsis) Thiele, 1928 accepted as Paryphantopsis Thiele, 1928
Subgenus Flammulina (Phacussa) Hutton, 1883 accepted as Phacussa Hutton, 1883
Subgenus Flammulina (Phenacohelix) Suter, 1892 accepted as Phenacohelix Suter, 1892
Subgenus Flammulina (Pyrrha) Hutton, 1883 accepted as Thermia Hutton, 1904
  » Species Flammulina (Pyrrha) virescens Suter, 1899 accepted as Thermia virescens (Suter, 1899) (original combination)
Subgenus Flammulina (Thalassohelix) Pilsbry, 1892 accepted as Thalassohelix Pilsbry, 1892
  » Species Flammulina (Thalassohelix) laingi Suter, 1905 accepted as Thalassohelix laingi (Suter, 1905) (original combination)
Species Flammulina alpina Suter, 1904 accepted as Oxychilus draparnaudi (H. Beck, 1837)
Species Flammulina costulata (Hutton, 1882) accepted as Flammocharopa costulata (Hutton, 1882) accepted as Calymna costulata (Hutton, 1882)
Species Flammulina cumulus Odhner, 1917 accepted as Oreokera cumulus (Odhner, 1917) (original combination)
Species Flammulina elenescens Cox & Hedley, 1912 accepted as Lorelleia elenescens (Cox & Hedley, 1912) (original combination)
Species Flammulina ponsonbyi Suter, 1897 accepted as Phenacohelix ponsonbyi (Suter, 1897) (original combination)
Species Flammulina pulleinei Tate, 1899 accepted as Metaropa pulleinei (Tate, 1899) (original combination)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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