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Graviscalpellum Foster, 1980

733112  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:733112)

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Additional information Foster (1980: 526) established Graviscalpellum to include
‘Arcoscalpellids that are hermaphroditic, attain relatively
large size and have lower latera about one tenth
the height of the capitulum’. Subsequently, the genus
was treated as a junior synonym of Anguloscalpellum
Zevina, 1978b, because Zevina (1981) had included
S. pedunculatum in that genus (e.g. Young, 2007);
however, the type species of Anguloscalpellum,
Scalpellum angulare Nilsson-Cantell, 1930, falls within
the genus Weltnerium as redefined in this paper (trapezoidal
scutum; deep, transversely elongated receptacle
for dwarf male; rostrum with broad triangular
external surface), and is evidently not related closely
to S. pedunculatum. Therefore, Graviscalpellum is resurrected
from synonomy to include both the extant
G. regina (Pilsbry, 1907) and a number of fossil species
from the Oligocene–Miocene of New Zealand
(Buckeridge, 1983). The molecular phylogeny of Lin
et al. (2015: fig. 3) shows G. regina and G. pedunculatum
as closly related taxa. [details]