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Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) (Chappuis, 1929)

606525  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:606525)

 unaccepted (synonym)

Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) baikalensis Borutsky, 1931 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) baikalensis Borutsky, 1931 (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) dacicus (Chappuis, 1923) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) dacicus (Chappuis, 1923) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) douwei (Wiley, 1925) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) douwei (Willey, 1925) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) echinatus (Mrazek, 1893) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) echinatus (Mrázek, 1893) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) hoferi (Van Douwe, 1907) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) hoferi (Van Douwe, 1908) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) horai (Chappuis, 1928) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) horai (Chappuis, 1928) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) hostensis (Borutsky, 1972) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) hostensis Borutsky, 1972 (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) luenensis Schmeil, 1894 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) echinatus (Mrázek, 1893) (synonymous species)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) morrisoni (Chappuis, 1929) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) morrisoni morrisoni (Chappuis, 1929) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) pacificus Ishida, 1992 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) pacificus Ishida, 1992 (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) praegeri (Scourfield, 1912) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) praegeri (Scourfield, 1912) (synonym)
Species Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) viduus (Kiefer, 1952) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) viduus Kiefer, 1952 (synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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Synonymy Huys 2009, noted Echinocamptus Chappuis, 1929 was an orphaned taxonomic grouping, the type species of the genus was also subsequently designated as the type of the subgenus Bryocamptus (Limocamptus) Chappuis, 1929 (Wells, 2007). [details]