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Kioconus da Motta, 1991

577384  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:577384)

Conus recluzianus Bernardi, 1853 (type by original designation)

Species Kioconus caillaudi (Kiener, 1846) represented as Conus caillaudi Kiener, 1846

Species Kioconus alconnelli (da Motta, 1986) accepted as Conus alconnelli da Motta, 1986
Species Kioconus alrobini Thach, 2016 accepted as Conus alrobini (Thach, 2016) (original combination)
Species Kioconus capreolus (Röckel, 1985) accepted as Conus capreolus Röckel, 1985
Species Kioconus dayriti (Röckel & da Motta, 1983) accepted as Conus dayriti Röckel & da Motta, 1983
Species Kioconus estivali (Moolenbeek & Richard, 1995) accepted as Conus estivali Moolenbeek & Richard, 1995
Species Kioconus gloriakiiensis (Kuroda & Itô, 1961) accepted as Conus gloriakiiensis Kuroda & Itô, 1961
Species Kioconus gondwanensis (Röckel & Moolenbeek, 1995) accepted as Conus gondwanensis Röckel & Moolenbeek, 1995
Species Kioconus hirasei (Kuroda, 1956) accepted as Conus hirasei (Kuroda, 1956)
Species Kioconus hoaraui Monnier & Limpalaër, 2015 accepted as Conus hoaraui (Monnier & Limpalaër, 2015) (original combination)
Species Kioconus lenavati (da Motta & Röckel, 1982) accepted as Conus lenavati da Motta & Röckel, 1982
Species Kioconus malcolmi Monnier & Limpalaër, 2015 accepted as Conus malcolmi (Monnier & Limpalaër, 2015) (original combination)
Species Kioconus martensi (E. A. Smith, 1884) accepted as Conus martensi E. A. Smith, 1884
Species Kioconus nielsenae (Marsh, 1962) accepted as Conus nielsenae Marsh, 1962
Species Kioconus papuensis (Coomans & Moolenbeek, 1982) accepted as Conus papuensis Coomans & Moolenbeek, 1982
Species Kioconus plinthis (Richard & Moolenbeek, 1988) accepted as Conus plinthis Richard & Moolenbeek, 1988
Species Kioconus recluzianus (Bernardi, 1853) accepted as Conus recluzianus Bernardi, 1853
Species Kioconus reductaspiralis (Walls, 1979) accepted as Conus reductaspiralis Walls, 1979
Species Kioconus roseorapum (G. Raybaudi & da Motta, 1990) accepted as Conus roseorapum G. Raybaudi & da Motta, 1990
Species Kioconus ruthae Monnier & Limpalaër, 2013 accepted as Conus ruthae (Monnier & Limpalaër, 2013)
Species Kioconus sakalava Monnier & Tenorio, 2017 accepted as Conus sakalava (Monnier & Tenorio, 2017) (original combination)
Species Kioconus sazanka (Shikama, 1970) accepted as Conus sazanka Shikama, 1970
Species Kioconus shikamai (Coomans, Moolenbeek & Wils, 1985) accepted as Conus shikamai Coomans, Moolenbeek & Wils, 1985
Species Kioconus sugimotonis (Kuroda, 1928) accepted as Conus sugimotonis Kuroda, 1928
Species Kioconus tribblei (Walls, 1977) accepted as Conus tribblei Walls, 1977
Species Kioconus typhon (Kilburn, 1975) accepted as Conus typhon Kilburn, 1975
Species Kioconus urashimanus (Kuroda & Itô, 1961) accepted as Conus urashimanus Kuroda & Itô, 1961
Species Kioconus vanvilstereni Moolenbeek & Zandbergen, 2013 accepted as Conus vanvilstereni (Moolenbeek & Zandbergen, 2013)
Species Kioconus voluminalis (Reeve, 1843) accepted as Conus voluminalis Reeve, 1843
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additional source Tucker J.K. & Tenorio M.J. (2013) Illustrated catalog of the living cone shells. 517 pp. Wellington, Florida: MdM Publishing. [details]   

source of synonymy Puillandre N., Duda T.F., Meyer C., Olivera B.M. & Bouchet P. (2015). One, four or 100 genera? A new classification of the cone snails. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 81: 1-23., available online at https://doi.org/10.1093/mollus/eyu055 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

status source Tucker J.K. & Tenorio M.J. (2009) Systematic classification of Recent and fossil conoidean gastropods. Hackenheim: Conchbooks. 296 pp. [details]   

Conus recluzianus
 Conus recluzianus
[image from typetaxon]

Conus recluzianus
 Conus recluzianus
[image from typetaxon]