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Nucula (Pronucula) Hedley, 1902

511193  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:511193)


Species Nucula (Pronucula) australiensis (Thiele, 1930) accepted as Austronucula australiensis (Thiele, 1930)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) benguelana (A. H. Clarke, 1961) accepted as Pronucula benguelana A. H. Clarke, 1961
Species Nucula (Pronucula) bollonsi (Powell, 1955) accepted as Pronucula bollonsi Powell, 1955
Species Nucula (Pronucula) cancellata (Cotton, 1930) accepted as Nucula mayi (Iredale, 1930)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) concentrica Cotton, 1930 accepted as Nucula pusilla Angas, 1877
Species Nucula (Pronucula) covra Bergmans, 1978 accepted as Pronucula covra (Bergmans, 1978)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) decorosa (Hedley, 1902) accepted as Pronucula decorosa Hedley, 1902
Species Nucula (Pronucula) distincta W. H. Turton, 1932 accepted as Pronucula distincta (W. H. Turton, 1932)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) flindersi (Cotton, 1930) accepted as Ennucula dilecta (E. A. Smith, 1891)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) insignis (Hayami & Kase, 1993) accepted as Nucula insignis (Hayami & Kase, 1993)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) kermadecensis (W. R. B. Oliver, 1915) accepted as Pronucula kermadecensis W. R. B. Oliver, 1915
Species Nucula (Pronucula) maoria (Powell, 1937) accepted as Pronucula maoria Powell, 1937
Species Nucula (Pronucula) mayi Iredale, 1930 accepted as Nucula mayi (Iredale, 1930)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) mesembrina (Hedley, 1916) accepted as Nucula mesembrina (Hedley, 1916)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) notobenthalis Thiele, 1912 accepted as Pronucula notobenthalis (Thiele, 1912)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) saltator (Iredale, 1939) accepted as Nucula saltator (Iredale, 1939)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) surinamensis van Regteren Altena, 1968 accepted as Pronucula surinamensis (van Regteren Altena, 1968)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) tenuis (A. W. B. Powell, 1927) accepted as Pronucula tenuis Powell, 1927
Species Nucula (Pronucula) vincentiana (Cotton & Godfrey, 1938) accepted as Nucula vincentiana (Cotton & Godfrey, 1938)
Species Nucula (Pronucula) voorwindei Bergmans, 1969 accepted as Nucula torresi E. A. Smith, 1885
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