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Nipponaphera nodosivaricosa (Petuch, 1979)

464794  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:464794)

Not documented
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new combination reference Bouchet P. & Petit R.E. (2002). New species of deep-water Cancellariidae (Gastropoda) from the southwestern Pacific. The Nautilus 116(3): 95-104., available online at http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/8270635 [details]   

identification resource Verhecken A. (2011) The Cancellariidae of the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project 2004 and the Panglao 2005 and Aurora 2007 deep sea cruises in the Philippines, with description of six new species (Neogastropoda, Cancellarioidea). Vita Malacologica 9: 1-60. [Published 31 May 2011] [details]   

identification resource Verhecken A. (2008). Cancellariidae. Pp. 816-825, in G.T. Poppe (ed.), Philippine marine mollusks, volume 2. Hackenheim: CoonchBooks.  [details]   

basis of record  (ofAgatrix nodosivaricosa Petuch, 1979) Petit, R.E. & Harasewych, M.G. (2005) Catalogue of the superfamily Cancellarioidea Forbes and Hanley, 1851 (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia)- 2nd edition. Zootaxa, 1102, 3-161. NIZT 682 [details]   

additional source  (ofAgatrix nodosivaricosa Petuch, 1979) Hemmen J. (2007) Recent Cancellariidae. Annotated and illustrated catalogue of Recent Cancellariidae. Privately published, Wiesbaden. 428 pp. [With amendments and corrections taken from Petit R.E. (2012) A critique of, and errata for, Recent Cancellariidae by Jens Hemmen, 2007. Conchologia Ingrata 9: 1-8. http://conchologia.com/publication_pdf/13.pdf] [details]   
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