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Echinocamptus Chappuis, 1929

347096  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:347096)

 unaccepted (genus Echinocamptus has lost its type-species (Canthocamptus echinatus now type-species of Bryocamptus (Echinatus))
Species Echinocamptus dacicus Chappuis, 1924
Species Echinocamptus luenensis (Schmeil, 1893)
Species Echinocamptus schroderi (Douwe, 1915)
Species Echinocamptus shihi Young, 2010

Species Echinocamptus kamerunensis (Kiefer, 1928) represented as Pilocamptus kamerunensis (Kiefer, 1928) (Synonym)
Species Echinocamptus pilosus (Douwe, 1910) represented as Pilocamptus pilosus (Douwe, 1910) (Synonym)

Subgenus Echinocamptus (Limocamptus) Chappuis, 1928 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) Chappuis, 1929 (synonym)
Species Echinocamptus africanus Chappuis, 1932 accepted as Pilocamptus africanus (Chappuis, 1933) (Synonym)
Species Echinocamptus alluaudi Chappuis, 1933 accepted as Pilocamptus alluaudi (Chappuis, 1932) (synonym)
Species Echinocamptus baikalensis Borutsky, 1931 accepted as Bryocamptus lacustris Wells, 2007 (synonym)
Species Echinocamptus echinatus (Mrázek, 1893) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) echinatus (Mrázek, 1893)
Species Echinocamptus georgevitchi (Chappuis, 1924) accepted as Pilocamptus pilosus (Douwe, 1910) (synonymous species)
Species Echinocamptus hiemalis (Pearse, 1905) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) hiemalis hiemalis (Pearse, 1905)
Species Echinocamptus hoferi (Douwe, 1908) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) hoferi (Van Douwe, 1908)
Species Echinocamptus hypophyllus Defaye & Heymer, 1996 accepted as Pilocamptus hypophyllus Defaye & Heymer, 1996
Species Echinocamptus jeanneli Chappuis, 1936 accepted as Pilocamptus jeanneli (Chappuis, 1936)
Species Echinocamptus monodi Dussart, 1974 accepted as Pilocamptus monodi (Dussart, 1974)
Species Echinocamptus monticola Chappuis, 1936 accepted as Pilocamptus monticola (Chappuis, 1936)
Species Echinocamptus morrisoni Chappuis, 1928 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) morrisoni (Chappuis, 1928)
Species Echinocamptus nivalis (Willey, 1925) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) nivalis (Willey, 1925)
Species Echinocamptus parvus Borutsky, 1931 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) parvus (Borutsky, 1931)
Species Echinocamptus pauliani Chappuis, 1956 accepted as Pilocamptus pauliani (Chappuis, 1956)
Species Echinocamptus praegeri (Scourfield, 1912) accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) praegeri (Scourfield, 1912)
Species Echinocamptus smirnovi Borutsky, 1931 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) smirnovi Borutsky, 1931
Species Echinocamptus trichotus Chappuis, 1933 accepted as Pilocamptus trichotus (Chappuis, 1933)
Species Echinocamptus verestschagini Borutsky, 1931 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) hiemalis verestschagini (Borutsky, 1931)
Species Echinocamptus verrucosus Chappuis, 1936 accepted as Pilocamptus verrucosus (Chappuis, 1936)
Species Echinocamptus viduus Kiefer, 1952 accepted as Bryocamptus (Echinocamptus) viduus Kiefer, 1952
Species Echinocamptus vulgaris Chappuis, 1936 accepted as Pilocamptus vulgaris (Chappuis, 1936)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
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