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Actinommidae Haeckel, 1862, emend. Riedel, 1967

345836  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:345836)

Genus Acanthosphaera Ehrenberg, 1858
Genus Actinomma Haeckel, 1860, emend. Nigrini, 1967
  » Species Actinomma antarcticum (Haeckel) Nigrini, 1967
  » Species Actinomma arcadophorum Haeckel, 1887
  » Species Actinomma boreale Cleve, 1899
  » Species Actinomma capillaceum Haeckel, 1887
  » Species Actinomma delicatulum (Dogiel) in Dogiel & Reshetnyak, 1952
  » Species Actinomma haysi Bjorklund, 1976
  » Species Actinomma leptodermum (Jorgensen) Nigrini & Moore, 1979
  » Species Actinomma medianum Nigrini, 1967
  » Species Actinomma sol Cleve, 1900
  » Species Actinomma trinacria (Haeckel) Cortese & Bjorklund, 1998
  » Species Actinomma archadophorum accepted as Actinomma arcadophorum Haeckel, 1887 (misspelling)
  » Species Actinomma leptoderma (J├Ârgensen, 1900) accepted as Actinomma leptodermum (Jorgensen) Nigrini & Moore, 1979
Genus Actinosphaera
Genus Amphisphaera
Genus Anomalacantha Loeblich & Tappan, 1961
Genus Arachnosphaera
Genus Astrosphaera
Subfamily Astrosphaeridae Haeckel, 1881
Genus Axoprunum Haeckel, 1887
Genus Carposphaera
Genus Cenosphaera Ehrenberg, 1854
Genus Centracontarium
Genus Centrocubus
Genus Centrolonche
Genus Cladococcus
Genus Cromyechinus
Genus Cromyomma
Genus Cyrtidosphaera
Genus Diploplegma
Genus Dorydruppa
  » Species Dorydruppa bensoni accepted as Druppatractus pyriformis
Genus Druppatractus
Genus Drymosphaera
Genus Drymyomma
Genus Echinomma
Genus Elatomma
Genus Ellipsoxiphium
Subfamily Ethmosphaeridae
Genus Gonosphaera
Genus Haeckeliella
Genus Haliomma Ehrenberg, 1839
Genus Heliaster Hollande & Enjumet, 1960
Genus Heliosoma
  » Species Heliosoma radians Haeckel, 1887 (nomen dubium)
  » Species Heliosoma echinaster accepted as Hexalonche amphisiphon Haeckel, 1887
Genus Heliosphaera
Genus Hexacontium Haeckel, 1881
  » Species Hexacontium arachnoidale Hollande, 1960
  » Species Hexacontium aristarchi (Haeckel) Boltovskoy & Riedel, 1980
  » Species Hexacontium axotrias Haeckel, 1887
  » Species Hexacontium enthacanthum Joergensen, 1900
  » Species Hexacontium gigantheum Cortese & Bjorklund, 1998
  » Species Hexacontium heracliti (Haeckel) Nishimura & Yamauchi, 1984
  » Species Hexacontium hystricina (Haeckel) Takahashi, 1991
  » Species Hexacontium laevigatum Haeckel, 1887
  » Species Hexacontium melpomene (Haeckel) Van de Paverd, 1995
  » Species Hexacontium pachydermum Joergensen, 1900
  » Species Hexacontium armatum-hostile (temporary name)
  » Species Hexacontium armatum Cleve, 1900 accepted as Hexacontium armatum-hostile
  » Species Hexacontium hostile Cleve, 1900 accepted as Hexacontium armatum-hostile
Genus Hexacromyum
Genus Hexalonche
Genus Hexastylus
Genus Leptosphaera
Genus Liosphaera
Genus Lonchosphaera
Genus Lychnosphaera
Genus Octodendron
Genus Ommatartus Haeckel, 1881, emend. Riedel, 1971
Genus Plegmosphaera
Genus Rhizoplegma
Genus Saturnalis
Genus Sphaeropyle
Genus Spongodictyon
Genus Spongodrymus
Genus Spongoplegma
Genus Spongosphaera
Genus Stigmosphaera
Genus Stylacontarium
Genus Stylatractus Haeckel, 1887
Genus Stylosphaera
Genus Styptosphaera Haeckel, 1887
Genus Tetrapetalon
Genus Thecosphaera
Genus Trilobatum
Genus Xiphatractus
Genus Xiphosphaera
marine, fresh, terrestrial
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additional source Nigrini, C.; Moore, T.C. (1979). A guide to modern Radiolaria. Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal research speciespublication No. 16., available online at http://gdcmp1.ucsd.edu/geol_coll/radlit/nm79titl.html [details]