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Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorMillepeda marina amboinensis Seba, 1734 
AphiaID: 340841

Classification: Biota > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnimalia (Kingdom) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnnelida (Phylum) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnnelida incertae sedis (Superclass) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorMillepeda (Genus) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorMillepeda marina (Species) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorMillepeda marina amboinensis (Subspecies)
Status Unaccepted: synonym, or anything that is not accepted unaccepted (pre Linnaean name as subjective synonym)
Accepted name  Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorHermodice carunculata (Pallas, 1766)
Rank Subspecies
Parent Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorMillepeda marina Seba, 1734
Orig. name Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorMillepeda marina amboinensis Seba, 1734
Sources  original description Seba, Albertus. (1734-1765 (v1 1734, v2 1735, v3 1759, v4 1765)). Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri accurata descriptio, et iconibus artificiosissimis expressio, per universam physiees historiam : Opus, cui, in hoc rerum genere, nullum par exstitit / Description exacte des principales curiosités naturelles du magnifique cabinet d'Albert Seba. 4 vols, Amstelaedami :Apud Janssonio-Waesbergios & J. Wetstenium & Gul. Smith,1734-65., available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/62760
page(s): plate 81, p.131; note: pre-Linnaean name [details]

source of synonymy Audouin, J.V. and Milne Edwards, H. (1833). Classification des Annélides et description de celles qui habitent les côtes de la France. Annales des sciences naturelles, Paris. sér. 1, 28: 187-247., available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/29457#page/191/mode/1up
page(s): 197; note: referred to Amphinome carunculata [details]

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Environment marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Fossil range recent only
Distribution  Checked: verified by a taxonomic editortype locality contained in Ambon [details]
From editor or global species database
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorTaxonomy Hartman catalogue records this name as 'Millepeda marina amboinensis Seba in Audouin & Milne Edwards, 1833' but in their work it is as a name only as a synonym of Amphinome carunculata, thus better marked as a pre-Linnaean subjective synonym.
The placement of Audouin & Milne Edwards (following that of Pallas?) should be viewed with caution as it is unknown if they had access to the specimen, but the figure seems to be at least of a similar amphinomin species. Quatrefages (1866:396) pointed out the locality was from a different part of the globe to that then known for A. carunculata (now in Hermodice), and he doubted the identification of Pallas, and of Audouin & Milne Edwards. [details]

From other sources
Unreviewed: has not been verified by a taxonomic editorType locality Indonesia, Amboina [details]
ImageChecked: verified by a taxonomic editor 
Millepeda marina amboinensis (via BHL)
Millepeda marina amboi...
LSID urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:340841
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  Citation: Read, G. (2015). Millepeda marina amboinensis. In: Read, G.; Fauchald, K. (Ed.) (2017). World Polychaeta database. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=340841 on 2017-08-19
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