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Myriopathidae Opresko, 2001

266963  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:266963)

Genus Antipathella Brook, 1889
  » Species Antipathella aperta (Totton, 1923)
  » Species Antipathella fiordensis (Grange, 1990)
  » Species Antipathella strigosa (Brook, 1889)
  » Species Antipathella subpinnata (Ellis & Solander, 1786)
  » Species Antipathella wollastoni (Gray, 1857)
  » Species Antipathella assimilis accepted as Antipathes assimilis (Brook, 1889) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella brooki accepted as Antipathes brooki (Whitelegge & Hill, 1899) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella ceylonensis accepted as Antipathes ceylonensis (Thomson & Simpson, 1905) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella contorta accepted as Antipathes contorta (Brook, 1889) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella elegans accepted as Antipathes elegans (Thomson & Simpson, 1905) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella intermedia Brook, 1889 accepted as Dendropathes intermedia (Brook, 1889) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella irregularis Thompson & Simpson, 1905 accepted as Antipathes irregularis (Thomson & Simpson, 1905) (new combination)
  » Species Antipathella minor Brook, 1889 accepted as Antipathes minor (Brook, 1889) (synonym)
  » Species Antipathella speciosa Brook, 1889 accepted as Antipathes speciosa (Brook, 1889) (synonym)
Genus Cupressopathes
Genus Hydradendrium
  » Species Hydradendrium spinosum accepted as Myriopathes spinosa (Carter, 1880) (synonym)
Genus Myriopathes
Genus Plumapathes
Genus Tanacetipathes
marine, fresh, terrestrial
Molodtsova, T.; Opresko, D. (2018). World List of Antipatharia. Myriopathidae Opresko, 2001. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=266963 on 2018-04-20
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