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Amphidelus Thorne, 1939

2497  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:2497)

Species Amphidelus boa Andrássy, 1968
Species Amphidelus bryophilus (Andrássy, 1952)
Species Amphidelus coronatus Andrássy, 1957
Species Amphidelus dudichi Andrássy, 1957
Species Amphidelus effilatus Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1951
Species Amphidelus elegans (de Man, 1921)
Species Amphidelus eremitus Thorne, 1939
Species Amphidelus latus Thorne, 1939
Species Amphidelus lissus Thorne, 1939
Species Amphidelus novus Baqri & Jairaipuri, 1968
Species Amphidelus puccinelliae Lorenzen, 1966
Species Amphidelus stefanskii Juget, 1969

Species Amphidelus candidus Siddiqi & Basir, 1965 accepted as Paramphidelus candidus (Siddiqi & Basir, 1965)
Species Amphidelus dolichurus (de Man, 1876) accepted as Paramphidelus dolichurus (de Man, 1876)
Species Amphidelus exilis accepted as Paramphidelus exilis (Andrássy, 1962)
Species Amphidelus hortensis Andrássy, 1961 accepted as Paramphidelus hortensis (Andrássy, 1961)
Species Amphidelus hyans Thorne, 1939 accepted as Paramphidelus hyans (Thorne, 1939)
Species Amphidelus lemani (Stefanski, 1914) accepted as Scleramphidelus lemani (Stefanski, 1914)
Species Amphidelus monohystera Heyns, 1962 accepted as Paramphidelus monohystera (Heyns, 1962)
Species Amphidelus propinquus Andrássy, 1962 accepted as Paramphidelus propinquus (Andrássy, 1962)
Species Amphidelus pseudobulbosus Altherr, 1953 accepted as Paramphidelus pseudobulbosus (Altherr, 1953)
Species Amphidelus pusillus Thorne, 1939 accepted as Paramphidelus pusillus (Thorne, 1939)
Species Amphidelus sylphus Thorne, 1939 accepted as Paramphidelus sylphus (Thorne, 1939)
Species Amphidelus sylvaticus Siddiqi & Basir, 1965 accepted as Paramphidelus sylvaticus (Siddiqi & Basir, 1965)
Species Amphidelus tasmaniensis (Allgén, 1929) accepted as Paramphidelus tasmaniensis (Allgén, 1929)
Species Amphidelus trichurus Siddiqi & Brown, 1965 accepted as Paramphidelus trichurus (Siddiqi & Brown, 1965)
Species Amphidelus uniformis Thorne, 1939 accepted as Paramphidelus uniformis (Thorne, 1939)
Not documented
Bezerra, T.N.; Decraemer, W.; Eisendle-Flöckner, U.; Holovachov, O.; Leduc, D.; Miljutin, D.; Sharma, J.; Smol, N.; Tchesunov, A.; Mokievsky, V.; Venekey, V.; Vanreusel, A. (2018). NeMys: World Database of Free-Living Marine Nematodes. Amphidelus Thorne, 1939. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=2497 on 2018-06-24
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
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Martinez, Olga

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