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Pleurotomaria Defrance, 1826 †

206847  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:206847)


Subgenus Pleurotomaria (Anodomaria) Szabó, 1980 † accepted as Anodomaria Szabó, 1980 † (original rank)
Subgenus Pleurotomaria (Entemnotrochus) P. Fischer, 1885 accepted as Entemnotrochus P. Fischer, 1885 (original rank)
Subgenus Pleurotomaria (Perotrochus) P. Fischer, 1885 accepted as Perotrochus P. Fischer, 1885 (original rank)
Species Pleurotomaria adansoniana Crosse & P. Fischer, 1861 accepted as Entemnotrochus adansonianus (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1861) (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria africana Tomlin, 1948 accepted as Bayerotrochus africanus (Tomlin, 1948) (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria beyrichii Hilgendorf, 1877 accepted as Mikadotrochus beyrichii (Hilgendorf, 1877)
Species Pleurotomaria callosa de Koninck, 1843 † accepted as Gosseletina callosa (de Koninck, 1843) †
Species Pleurotomaria eliana de Koninck, 1843 † accepted as Luciella eliana (de Koninck, 1843) † (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria hirasei Pilsbry, 1903 accepted as Mikadotrochus hirasei (Pilsbry, 1903) (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria labrosa Hall, 1860 † accepted as Phanerotrema labrosum (Hall, 1860) † (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria quoyana P. Fischer & Bernardi, 1856 accepted as Perotrochus quoyanus quoyanus (P. Fischer & Bernardi, 1856)
Species Pleurotomaria rumphii Schepman, 1879 accepted as Entemnotrochus rumphii (Schepman, 1879) (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria salmiana Rolle, 1899 accepted as Mikadotrochus salmianus (Rolle, 1899) (original description)
Species Pleurotomaria scalaris Münster, 1841 † accepted as Schizogonium scalare (Münster, 1841) † (original combination)
Species Pleurotomaria westralis Whitehead, 1987 accepted as Bayerotrochus westralis (Whitehead, 1987) (original combination)
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