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Nursia Leach, 1817

204510  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:204510)

Species Nursia alata Komatsu & Takeda, 1999
Species Nursia blandfordi Alcock, 1896
Species Nursia dimorpha Balss, 1916
Species Nursia elegans Ihle, 1918
Species Nursia guinotae Komatsu & Takeda, 2001
Species Nursia hamipleopoda Chen & S.-H. Fang, 1998
Species Nursia japonica Sakai, 1935
Species Nursia lamellata Ihle, 1918
Species Nursia lar (Fabricius, 1793)
Species Nursia mimetica Nobili, 1906
Species Nursia minor (Miers, 1879)
Species Nursia nasuta Alcock, 1896
Species Nursia persica Alcock, 1896
Species Nursia phylloides Ihle, 1918
Species Nursia plicata (Herbst, 1803)
Species Nursia rhomboidalis (Miers, 1879)
Species Nursia sexangulata Ihle, 1918
Species Nursia sinuata Miers, 1877
Species Nursia tohae Ng & Komatsu, 2016
Species Nursia trilobata Chen & Sun, 2002
Species Nursia weberi Ihle, 1918

Species Nursia abbreviata Bell, 1855 accepted as Paranursia abbreviata (Bell, 1855)
Species Nursia cornigera Nobili, 1905 accepted as Nobiliella cornigera (Nobili, 1906)
Species Nursia granulata Rüppell, 1830 accepted as Ebalia granulata (Rüppell, 1830)
Species Nursia hardwickii Leach, 1817 accepted as Nursia lar (Fabricius, 1793)
Species Nursia jousseaumei Nobili, 1906 accepted as Nobiliella jousseaumei (Nobili, 1906)
Species Nursia postulans Stebbing, 1921 accepted as Ebalia tuberculosa (A. Milne-Edwards, 1873)
Species Nursia rubifera Müller, 1887 accepted as Leucisca rubifera (Müller, 1887)
Species Nursia scandens Stebbing, 1920 accepted as Ebalia tuberculosa (A. Milne-Edwards, 1873)
Species Nursia sinica Shen, 1937 accepted as Nursia minor (Miers, 1879)
Species Nursia tuberculata Rathbun, 1894 accepted as Ebalia cristata Rathbun, 1898 (pre-occupied name)
Species Nursia ypsilon Ortmann, 1895 accepted as Ebalia ypsilon (Ortmann, 1895)
Not documented
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basis of record Guinot, D. (1967). La Faune carcinologique (Crustacea Brachyura) de l'Ocean Indien Occidental et de la Mer Rouge. Catalogue, Remarques bibliographiques et biobliographie. Bull. Inst. Fondamental d'Afrique Noire (IFAN). 237-252. [details]   

additional source Nomenclator Zoologicus Online. , available online at http://uio.mbl.edu/NomenclatorZoologicus/ [details]   
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Japanese ロッカクコブシ  [details]