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Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorLepraliomorpha 
AphiaID: 153652

Classification: Biota > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnimalia (Kingdom) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorBryozoa (Phylum) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorGymnolaemata (Class) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorCheilostomatida (Order) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorLepraliomorpha (Section)
Authority Gordon, 1989
Status Unaccepted: synonym, or anything that is not accepted unaccepted
Accepted name  Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorFlustrina
Rank Section
Parent Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorCheilostomatida
Sources  basis of record Gordon, Dennis (look up in IMIS[details]

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Environment marine
Feedingtype  suspension feeder [details]
Link Unreviewed: has not been verified by a taxonomic editorTo GenBank  
From editor or global species database
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorEditor's comment The grouping of the Superfamilies Smittinoidea, Schizoporelloidea, Urceoliporoidea, Didymoselloidea, Euthyriselloidea, Siphonicytarioidea, Mamilloporoidea, Celleporoidea, and Conescharellinoidea appears to be polyphyletic. At present, it seems simpler to keep these and the other superfamilies within one suborder, the Flustrina. Further understanding of the phylogeny of this large group of cheilostomes is needed before more detailed subdivision should be attempted.  [details]
LSID urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:153652
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2005-04-15 10:25:19Z  created  Appeltans, Ward
2005-12-27 19:49:34Z  changed  Vanden Berghe, Edward
2015-06-22 21:49:35Z  changed  Bock, Phil
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  Citation: Bock, P. (2015). Lepraliomorpha. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=153652 on 2017-10-23
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