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Haslea R. Simonsen, 1974

149210  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:149210)

Species Haslea antiqua Fenner †
Species Haslea karadagensis Davidovich, Gastineau & Mouget, 2012
Species Haslea kjellmanii (Cleve) Simonsen
Species Haslea nipkowii (Meister) M.Poulin & G.Massé
Species Haslea pseudostrearia Massé, Rincé & E.J.Cox, 2001
Species Haslea salstonica Massé, Rincé & E.J.Cox, 2000
Species Haslea sigma D.Talgatti, E.A.Sar & L.Carvalho Torgan, 2014

Species Haslea britannica (Hustedt & Aleem) A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin, 2000 represented as Navicula britannica Hustedt & Aleem, 1951
Species Haslea crucigera (W.Smith) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Schizonema cruciger f. cruciger W. Smith, 1856
Species Haslea crucigeroides (Hustedt) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Navicula crucigeroides Hustedt, 1961
Species Haslea crystallina (Hustedt) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Navicula crystallina Hustedt, 1961
Species Haslea frauenfeldii (Grunow) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Amphipleura frauenfeldii Grunow, 1863
Species Haslea gigantea (Hustedt) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Navicula gigantea Hustedt, 1961
Species Haslea howeana (Hagelstein) Giffen, 1980 represented as Navicula howeana Hagelstein, 1939
Species Haslea major (Heiden) Simonsen, 1992 represented as Navicula trompii var. major Heiden
Species Haslea nautica (Cholnoky) Giffen, 1980 represented as Navicula nautica Cholnoky, 1963
Species Haslea ostrearia (Gaillon) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Vibrio ostrearius Gaillon, 1820
Species Haslea spicula (Hickie) L.Bukhtiyarova, 1995 represented as Stauroneis spicula Cleve & Grunow, 1880
Species Haslea subagnita (Proschkina-Lavrenko) Makarova & Karajeva in Makarova & Akhmetova, 1985 represented as Navicula subagnita Proschkina-Lavrenko, 1963
Species Haslea sulcata (Cleve) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Stauroneis sulcata Cleve, 1881
Species Haslea trompii (Cleve) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Navicula trompii var. trompii Cleve, 1900
Species Haslea vitrea (Cleve) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Pleurosigma vitrea var. vitrea Cleve in Cleve & Moller, 1879
Species Haslea wawrikae (Hustedt) Simonsen, 1974 represented as Navicula wawrikae Hustedt, 1961

Species Haslea gretharum Simonsen, 1974 (uncertain, unassessed)
Species Haslea hyalinissima Simonsen, 1974 (uncertain, unassessed)
Species Haslea indica Desikachary & Prema in Desikachary, 1988 (uncertain, unassessed)
Species Haslea kjelmanii (Cleve) Simonsen, 1974 (uncertain, unassessed)
marine, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Kociolek, J.P.; Balasubramanian, K.; Blanco, S.; Coste, M.; Ector, L.; Liu, Y.; Kulikovskiy, M.; Lundholm, N.; Ludwig, T.; Potapova, M.; Rimet, F.; Sabbe, K.; Sala, S.; Sar, E.; Taylor, J.; Van de Vijver, B.; Wetzel, C.E.; Williams, D.M.; Witkowski, A.; Witkowski, J. (2018). DiatomBase. Haslea R. Simonsen, 1974. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=149210 on 2018-05-21
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Japanese ハスレア  [details]