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Volutomitra H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853

138662  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:138662)

Mitra groenlandica Möller, 1842 accepted as Volutomitra groenlandica (Möller, 1842) (type by subsequent designation)
Species Volutomitra amplexa (Finlay, 1930) †
Species Volutomitra bairdii (Dall, 1889)
Species Volutomitra banksi (Dell, 1951)
Species Volutomitra bayeri Okutani, 1982
Species Volutomitra erebus Bayer, 1971
Species Volutomitra glabella Bouchet & Kantor, 2000
Species Volutomitra groenlandica (Möller, 1842)
Species Volutomitra hottentota (Thiele, 1925)
Species Volutomitra incisa (Marwick, 1942) †
Species Volutomitra inconspicua (Hutton, 1885) †
Species Volutomitra lornensis (Marwick, 1926) †
Species Volutomitra obscura (Hutton, 1873)
Species Volutomitra othoniana (Finlay, 1924) †
Species Volutomitra pailoloana (J. Cate, 1963)
Species Volutomitra persephone Bayer, 1971
Species Volutomitra tenella Golikov & Sirenko, 1998
Species Volutomitra transilis (Finlay, 1930) †
Species Volutomitra vaubani Cernohorsky, 1982
Species Volutomitra ziczac Bouchet & Kantor, 2004

Subgenus Volutomitra (Waimatea) Finlay, 1926 accepted as Volutomitra H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853
Species Volutomitra alaskana Dall, 1902 accepted as Volutomitra groenlandica (Möller, 1842)
Species Volutomitra curta (Strebel, 1908) accepted as Paradmete curta (Strebel, 1908)
Species Volutomitra fragillima R. B. Watson, 1882 accepted as Paradmete fragillima (R. B. Watson, 1882) (original combination)
Species Volutomitra porcellana (Melvill & Standen, 1912) accepted as Volvarina porcellana (Melvill & Standen, 1912)
Species Volutomitra wandoensis Holmes, 1859 accepted as Vexillum wandoense (Holmes, 1859) (original combination)
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basis of record Y. Kantor, 2010, Checklist of Recent Volutomitridae (pers. com.) [details]   

basis of record  (ofWaimatea Finlay, 1926 †) Bouchet P. & Kantor Y. 2004. New Caledonia: the major centre of biodiversity for volutomitrid molluscs (Mollusca: Neogastropoda: Volutomitridae). Systematics and Biodiversity 1(4): 467-502. [details]   

source of synonymy  (ofWaimatea Finlay, 1926 †) Maxwell, P.A. (1992) Eocene Mollusca from the vicinity of McCulloch’s Bridge, Waihao River, South Canterbury, New Zealand: paleoecology and systematics. New Zealand Geological Survey Paleontological Bulletin, 65, 1–280. [details]   

source of synonymy  (ofCompsomitra Marwick, 1942) Cernohorsky, W.O. (1970b) Systematics of the families Mitridae and Volutomitridae. Bulletin of the Auckland Institute and Museum, 8, 1–190. [details]