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Loxoconchidae Sars, 1925

127504  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:127504)

Genus Alataconcha Whatley & Zhao (Yi-Chun), 1988
Genus Antarctiloxoconcha Hartmann, 1986
Genus Australoloxoconcha Hartmann, 1974
Genus Bonnyannella Athersuch, 1982
Genus Bytholoxoconcha Hartmann, 1974
Genus Camptocythere Triebel, 1950 †
Genus Cytheromorpha Hirschmann, 1909
Genus Elofsonia Wagner, 1957
Genus Gouiecythere Hu & Tao, 2008
Genus Gramannicythere Gruendel, 1975 †
Genus Heinia Bold, 1985
Genus Hirschmannia Elofson, 1941
Genus Kuiperiana Bassiouni, 1962 †
Genus Leptoconcha Huang, 1975 †
Subfamily Loxocaudinae Schornikov, 2011
Genus Loxoconcha Sars, 1866
Genus Loxoconchella Triebel, 1954
Genus Loxoconchidea Bonaduce, Ciampo & Masoli, 1976
Subfamily Loxoconchinae Sars, 1926
Genus Loxocorniculum Benson & Coleman, 1963
Genus Mandelstamia Ljubimova, 1955 †
Genus Miia Ishizaki, 1968
Genus Nannocythere Schaefer, 1953
Genus Nigeroloxoconcha Reyment, 1963 †
Genus Nipponocythere Ishizaki, 1971
Genus Palmoconcha Swain & Gilby, 1974
Genus Paracytheromorpha Maybury & Whatley, 1986
Genus Pseudoconcha Witte, 1993
Genus Pteroloxa Swain, 1963 †
Genus Roundstonia Neale, 1973
Genus Sagmatocythere Athersuch, 1976
Genus Touroconcha Ishizaki & Gunther, 1976
Genus Tuberoloxoconcha Hartmann, 1973

Genus Lindisfarnia Horne & Kilenyi, 1981 accepted as Palmoconcha Swain & Gilby, 1974 (Homonym)
Genus Loxocanche accepted as Loxoconcha Sars, 1866 (Genus does not exist, probably a misspelling.)
Genus Myrena Neale, 1967 accepted as Loxoconcha (Myrena) Neale, 1967 (taxon accepted at subgenus level)
Genus Saginatocythere Athersuch, 1976 accepted as Sagmatocythere Athersuch, 1976 (misspelling)
marine, terrestrial
Brandão, S. N.; Angel, M. V.; Karanovic, I.; Perrier, V. & Meidla, T. (2018). World Ostracoda Database. Loxoconchidae Sars, 1925. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=127504 on 2018-05-22
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