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Orthopsyllidae Huys, 1990

115167  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:115167)

Genus Orthopsyllus Brady & Robertson D., 1873
  » Species Orthopsyllus agnatus Klie, 1950
  » Species Orthopsyllus coralliophilus Fiers, 1987
  » Species Orthopsyllus dubius Vervoort, 1964
  » Species Orthopsyllus illgi (Chappuis, 1958)
  » Species Orthopsyllus improportionatus (Jakobi, 1954)
  » Species Orthopsyllus koprii Lee KH, Gheerardyn & Lee W., 2011
  » Species Orthopsyllus littoralis Nicholls, 1942
  » Species Orthopsyllus major Klie, 1939
  » Species Orthopsyllus pectinicauda Vervoort, 1964
  » Species Orthopsyllus rugosus Nicholls, 1941
  » Species Orthopsyllus sarsi Klie, 1941
  » Species Orthopsyllus similis Nicholls, 1942
  » Species Orthopsyllus spinicaudatus Krishnaswamy, 1957
  » Species Orthopsyllus wallini Lang, 1934
  » Species Orthopsyllus linearis (Claus, 1866) represented as Orthopsyllus linearis linearis (Claus, 1866)
  » Species Orthopsyllus propinquus Monard, 1926 accepted as Orthopsyllus linearis (Claus, 1866) (synonym)
  » Species Orthopsyllus psammophilus Noodt, 1955 accepted as Noodtorthopsyllus psammophilus (Noodt, 1955)

Genus Dionyx Huys, 1990 (nomen nudum, Huys, 1990 did not give a formal diagnosis)
Genus Infrapedia Huys, 1990 (nomen nudum, Huys, 1990 did not give a formal diagnosis)
marine, fresh
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