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Bolivina d'Orbigny, 1839

112101  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:112101)

Bolivina plicata d'Orbigny, 1839 (type by subsequent designation)
Bolivina (Bolivina) d'Orbigny, 1839· accepted, alternate representation
Brizalina Costa, 1856 (Genetic and morpologic studies do not support separate genera (e.g. Ertan et al., 2004))
Clidostomum Ehrenberg, 1845 (Subjective junior synonym Opinion of Loeblich and Tappan (1987))
Grammostomum Ehrenberg, 1839 (Subjective junior synonym Opinion of Loeblich and Tappan (1987))
Latibolivina Srinivasan, 1966 (Opinion of Revets (1996 and pers. comm.))
Proroporus Ehrenberg, 1844 (Opinion of Loeblich & Tappan, 1987)
Species Bolivina abbreviata Longinelli, 1956
Species Bolivina acerosa Cushman, 1936
Species Bolivina advena Cushman, 1925
Species Bolivina aenariensis (Costa, 1856)
Species Bolivina alata (Seguenza, 1862)
Species Bolivina albatrossi Cushman, 1922
Species Bolivina alvarezi Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina arctica Herman, 1973
Species Bolivina arenosa Chapman, 1895
Species Bolivina argentea Cushman, 1926
Species Bolivina arta MacFadyen, 1930
Species Bolivina asanoi Uchio, 1951
Species Bolivina attica Parker, 1958
Species Bolivina barbata Phleger & Parker, 1951
Species Bolivina bassensis Parr, 1950
Species Bolivina beaufortana Hadley, 1936
Species Bolivina beyrichi Reuss, 1851
Species Bolivina bicostata Cushman, 1926
Species Bolivina bikiniana McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina brevior Cushman, 1925
Species Bolivina britannica Macfadyen, 1942
Species Bolivina cacozela Vella, 1957
Species Bolivina capitata Cushman, 1933
Species Bolivina caribaea Goës, 1896
Species Bolivina catanensis Seguenza, 1862
Species Bolivina cincta Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932
Species Bolivina cochei Cushman & Adams, 1935
Species Bolivina compacta Sidebottom, 1905
Species Bolivina costata d'Orbigny, 1839
Species Bolivina cuomoi Boltovskoy, 1954
Species Bolivina currai Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina daggarius Parker, 1955
Species Bolivina decussata (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina densipunctata Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina difformis (Williamson, 1858)
Species Bolivina dilatata Reuss, 1850
Species Bolivina doniezi Cushman & Wickenden, 1929
Species Bolivina droogeri Sellier de Civrieux, 1977
Species Bolivina earlandi Parr, 1950
Species Bolivina eggeri Cushman, 1938
Species Bolivina floridana Cushman, 1918
Species Bolivina fragilis Phleger & Parker, 1951
Species Bolivina frondalis McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina glutinata Egger, 1893
Species Bolivina goesii Cushman, 1922
Species Bolivina gramen (d'Orbigny, 1839)
Species Bolivina hamedii Yassini & Jones, 1995
Species Bolivina hastata Phleger & Parker, 1951
Species Bolivina heinzmalzi Yassini & Jones, 1995
Species Bolivina hiltermanni Hofker, 1956
Species Bolivina hirsuta Rhumbler, 1911
Species Bolivina impolita McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina inflata Heron-Allen & Earland, 1913
Species Bolivina inflatiformis McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina interjuncta Cushman, 1926
Species Bolivina invalida Saidova, 1975
Species Bolivina italica Cushman, 1936
Species Bolivina kiiensis Asano, 1958
Species Bolivina laevigata Karrer, 1878
Species Bolivina lepida Sliter, 1969
Species Bolivina librata McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina ligularia Schwager, 1866
Species Bolivina lowmani Phleger & Parker, 1951
Species Bolivina lutea Sliter, 1969
Species Bolivina malovensis Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932
Species Bolivina melettica Andreae, 1884
Species Bolivina merecuanai Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina minima Phleger & Parker, 1951
Species Bolivina multifida Saidova, 1975
Species Bolivina nairi Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina neocompacta McCulloch, 1981
Species Bolivina nitida Brady, 1884
Species Bolivina nobilis Hantken, 1875
Species Bolivina obscura He, Hu & Wang, 1965
Species Bolivina oceanica Cushman, 1933
Species Bolivina ordinaria Phleger & Parker, 1952
Species Bolivina ortegai Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina pacifica Cushman & McCulloch, 1942
Species Bolivina panayensis McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina paula Cushman & Cahill, 1932
Species Bolivina peirsonae Uchio, 1960
Species Bolivina persiensis Lutze, 1974
Species Bolivina plicata d'Orbigny, 1839
Species Bolivina plicatella Cushman, 1930
Species Bolivina pondi Cushman, 1931
Species Bolivina pontadensis McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina pseudodecussata Saidova, 1975
Species Bolivina pseudodifformis Asano, 1938
Species Bolivina pseudogoesii Hofker, 1956
Species Bolivina pseudolobata Yassini & Jones, 1995
Species Bolivina pseudoplicata Heron-Allen & Earland, 1930
Species Bolivina pseudopygmaea Cushman, 1933
Species Bolivina punctata d'Orbigny, 1839
Species Bolivina punctatostriata Kreuzberg, 1930
Species Bolivina pusilla Schwager, 1866
Species Bolivina pygmaea (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina quadrata Cushman & McCulloch, 1942
Species Bolivina ramosa Hofker, 1951
Species Bolivina retia Oki, 1989
Species Bolivina reticulata Hantken, 1875
Species Bolivina robusta (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina rotalis McCulloch, 1981
Species Bolivina scalprata Schwager, 1883
Species Bolivina sculpturata Cushman, 1913
Species Bolivina semialata Bagg, 1908
Species Bolivina semiclara McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina semicostata Cushman, 1911
Species Bolivina simpsoni Heron-Allen & Earland, 1915
Species Bolivina skagerrakensis Qvale & Nigam, 1985
Species Bolivina sliteri Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina spathulata (Williamson, 1858)
Species Bolivina spatuloides Hofker, 1956
Species Bolivina spinata Cushman, 1936
Species Bolivina spinescensiformis McCulloch, 1977
Species Bolivina spissa Cushman, 1926
Species Bolivina striatula Cushman, 1922
Species Bolivina subadvena Cushman, 1926
Species Bolivina subaenariensis Cushman, 1922
Species Bolivina subargentea Uchio, 1960
Species Bolivina subcompressa (d'Orbigny, 1852)
Species Bolivina sublittoralis Sellier de Civrieux, 1976
Species Bolivina subreticulata Parr, 1932
Species Bolivina subspathulata Boomgaart, 1949
Species Bolivina subspinescens Cushman, 1922
Species Bolivina substriatula Asano, 1958
Species Bolivina suezensis Said, 1949
Species Bolivina superba Emiliani, 1949
Species Bolivina tenuis Marsson, 1878
Species Bolivina thalmanni Renz, 1948
Species Bolivina tokiokai Uchio, 1962
Species Bolivina tongi Cushman, 1929
Species Bolivina torqueata Cushman & McCulloch, 1942
Species Bolivina tortugiana McCulloch, 1981
Species Bolivina tosaensis Asano, 1958
Species Bolivina vadescens Cushman, 1933
Species Bolivina valdecostata Mariani, 1888
Species Bolivina variabilis (Williamson, 1858)
Species Bolivina vaughani Natland, 1938
Species Bolivina venezuelana Sellier de Civrieux, 1976

Subgenus Bolivina (Bolivina) d'Orbigny, 1839 represented as Bolivina d'Orbigny, 1839

Subgenus Bolivina (Brizalina) Finger, 1981 accepted as Bolivina d'Orbigny, 1839 (Nomen translatum)
Subgenus Bolivina (Loxostomina) Sellier de Civrieux, 1976 accepted as Loxostomina Sellier de Civrieux, 1969 (Nomen translatum)
Species Bolivina abbreviata Heron-Allen & Earland, 1924 accepted as Neocassidulina abbreviata (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1924)
Species Bolivina ambulacrata Möbius, 1880 accepted as Patellinella ambulacrata (Möbius, 1880)
Species Bolivina amygdalaeformis (Brady, 1881) accepted as Loxostomina amygdalaeformis (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina bradyi Asano, 1938 accepted as Loxostomum bradyi (Asano, 1938) accepted as Euloxostomum bradyi (Asano, 1938) (Opinion of Asano (1958))
Species Bolivina brittanica Macfadyen, 1942 accepted as Bolivina britannica Macfadyen, 1942 (Incorrect subsequent spelling)
Species Bolivina compressa (d'Orbigny, 1846) accepted as Bolivina subcompressa (d'Orbigny, 1852)
Species Bolivina convallaria Millett, 1900 accepted as Sagrinella convallaria (Millett, 1900) (Opinion of Loeblich and Tappan (1994))
Species Bolivina cubana Bermúdez, 1935 accepted as Virgulinopsis cubana (Bermúdez, 1935)
Species Bolivina durrandii Millett, 1900 accepted as Sagrinella durrandii (Millett, 1900) (Opinion of Loeblich and Tappan (1994))
Species Bolivina fimbriata Collins, 1958 accepted as Cheilochanus fimbriatus (Collins, 1958)
Species Bolivina gibbera Millett, 1895 accepted as Cheilochanus gibberus (Millett, 1895) (opinion of Loeblich & Tappan, 1994)
Species Bolivina globulosa Cushman, 1933 accepted as Streptochilus globulosum (Cushman, 1933)
Species Bolivina hadai Uchio, 1962 accepted as Fursenkoina hadai (Uchio, 1962) (Opinion of Symphonia & Senthil (2019))
Species Bolivina hantkeniana (Brady, 1881) accepted as Lugdunum hantkenianum (Brady, 1881) (Type species of Lugdunum)
Species Bolivina humilis Cushman & McCulloch, 1942 accepted as Bolivinella humilis (Cushman & McCulloch, 1942)
Species Bolivina imporcata Cushman & Todd, 1945 accepted as Bolivina dissentiata Cushman & Todd, 1946 † (Nomen novum in Cushman and Todd (1946) Junior homonym of B. floridana var. imporcata Cushman & Renz, 1944)
Species Bolivina karreriana (Brady, 1881) accepted as Saidovina karreriana (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina lanceolata Parker, 1954 accepted as Bolivina daggarius Parker, 1955 (Nomen novum in Parker (1955) Junior homonym of Bolivina lanceolata di Napoli, 1952)
Species Bolivina limbata (Brady, 1881) accepted as Loxostomina limbata (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina lobata (Brady, 1881) accepted as Pseudobrizalina lobata (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina makiyamai Ishizaki, 1944 accepted as Fursenkoina makiyamai (Ishizaki, 1944)
Species Bolivina mayori Cushman, 1922 accepted as Loxostomina mayori (Cushman, 1922)
Species Bolivina minuta Natland, 1938 accepted as Loxostomum minuta (Natland, 1938)
Species Bolivina numerosa Vella, 1957 accepted as Brizalina spathulata (Williamson, 1858) accepted as Bolivina spathulata (Williamson, 1858) (Subjective junior synonym of Bolivina spathulata in opinion of Hayward et al. (2010))
Species Bolivina porrecta (Brady, 1881) accepted as Parabrizalina porrecta (Brady, 1881) (Type species of Parabrizalina)
Species Bolivina pseudobeyrichi Cushman, 1926 accepted as Euloxostomum pseudobeyrichi (Cushman, 1926) (Opinion of Loeblich and Tappan (1994))
Species Bolivina pseudopunctata Höglund, 1947 accepted as Bolivinellina pseudopunctata (Höglund, 1947) (Genus transfer)
Species Bolivina pulchella (d'Orbigny, 1839) accepted as Sagrina pulchella d'Orbigny, 1839 (Type species of Sagrina)
Species Bolivina quadrilatera (Schwager, 1866) accepted as Bolivinita quadrilatera (Schwager, 1866)
Species Bolivina rhomboidalis (Millett, 1899) accepted as Abditodentrix rhomboidalis (Millett, 1899) accepted as Tortoplectella rhomboidalis (Millett, 1899)
Species Bolivina schwageriana (Brady, 1881) accepted as Lugdunum schwagerianum (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina semi-alata Bagg, 1908 accepted as Bolivina semialata Bagg, 1908 (Diacritical mark and other marks unaccepted ICZN 32.5.2.)
Species Bolivina seminuda Cushman, 1911 accepted as Bolivinella seminuda (Cushman, 1911)
Species Bolivina simplex Phleger & Parker, 1951 accepted as Bolivina ordinaria Phleger & Parker, 1952 (Nomen novum in Phleger and Parker (1952) Junior homonym of Bolivina interjuncta var. simplex Cushman & Renz, 1941)
Species Bolivina spinea Cushman, 1936 accepted as Virgulopsis spinea (Cushman, 1936) (Opinion of Parker (2009))
Species Bolivina spinescens Cushman, 1911 accepted as Cassidelina spinescens (Cushman, 1911)
Species Bolivina strigosa Brady, 1884 accepted as Sagrinella strigosa (Brady, 1884)
Species Bolivina subangularis (Brady, 1881) accepted as Saidovina subangularis (Brady, 1881)
Species Bolivina subexcavata Cushman & Wickenden, 1929 accepted as Bolivina variabilis (Williamson, 1858) (Subjective junior synonym in opinion of Hayward et al. (2010))
Species Bolivina substriata Egger, 1893 accepted as Bolivina eggeri Cushman, 1938 (Nom. nov. in Cushman (1938) Junior homonym of B. beyrichi var. substriata Reuss, 1870)
Species Bolivina subtenuis Cushman, 1936 accepted as Brizalina subtenuis (Cushman, 1936) accepted as Krebsina subtenuis (Cushman, 1936)
Species Bolivina textilaroides Reuss, 1850 accepted as Bolivina textilarioides Reuss, 1863 † accepted as Belorussiella textilarioides (Reuss, 1863) † (Incorrect subsequent spelling and wrong date in Gross (2001))
Species Bolivina tokelauae Boersma in Kierstead et al., 1969 accepted as Streptochilus tokelauae (Boersma, 1969) accepted as Streptochilus globulosum (Cushman, 1933) (Type species of Streptochilus)
Species Bolivina tortuosa (Brady, 1881) accepted as Sigmavirgulina tortuosa (Brady, 1881) (Type species of Sigmavirgulina)
Species Bolivina translucens Phleger & Parker, 1951 accepted as Bolivinellina translucens (Phleger & Parker, 1951) (Opinion of Loeblich and Tappan (1994))
Species Bolivina vertebralis Cushman, 1924 accepted as Loxostoma vertebrale (Cushman, 1924) (Opinion of Cushman (1937))
Species Bolivina zanzibarica Cushman, 1936 accepted as Sagrina zanzibarica (Cushman, 1936)

Species Bolivina senera Rhumbler, 1949 (uncertain, No reference nor description in the text)
marine, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Orbigny, A. D. d'. (1839). Voyage dans l'Amérique Méridionale. Foraminifères. t. 5 pt. 5: 1-86., available online at https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/46823366
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Hayward, B.W.; Le Coze, F.; Vachard, D.; Gross, O. (2021). World Foraminifera Database. Bolivina d'Orbigny, 1839. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=112101 on 2021-10-27
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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

From other sources
Classification In Müller (2004) it is included in the Family Bolivinitidae [details]
Bolivina plicata
 Bolivina plicata
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