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Hippothoa Lamouroux, 1821

110931  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:110931)

Species Hippothoa balanophila Winston & Hakansson, 1986
Species Hippothoa brasiliensis Morris, 1980
Species Hippothoa calcicola Winston & Vieira, 2013
Species Hippothoa calciophilia Gordon, 1984
Species Hippothoa distans MacGillivray, 1869
Species Hippothoa divaricata Lamouroux, 1821
Species Hippothoa eburnea (Canu & Bassler, 1928)
Species Hippothoa expansa Dawson, 1859
Species Hippothoa flagellum Manzoni, 1870
Species Hippothoa imperforata Liu, 2001
Species Hippothoa longicauda Souto, Berning & Ostrovsky, 2016
Species Hippothoa mawatarii Dick & Ross, 1988
Species Hippothoa meridionalis Morris, 1980
Species Hippothoa minitumulosa Morris, 1980
Species Hippothoa muripinnata Souto, Reverter-Gil & Ostrovsky, 2014
Species Hippothoa musivaria Hayward & Fordy, 1982
Species Hippothoa peristomata Gordon, 1984
Species Hippothoa petrophila Dick & Grischenko, 2016
Species Hippothoa santacruzana Pinter, 1973
Species Hippothoa watersi Morris, 1980

Species Hippothoa borealis d'Orbigny, 1852 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Hippothoa fusiformis d'Orbigny, 1852 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Hippothoa longicauda Fischer, 1870 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Hippothoa savignyana d'Orbigny, 1852 (taxon inquirendum)

Species Hippothoa amaena Jullien, 1903 accepted as Pulpeirina amaena (Jullien & Calvet, 1903) accepted as Pulpeirina amoena (Jullien & Calvet, 1903)
Species Hippothoa amoena Jullien & Calvet, 1903 accepted as Pulpeirina amoena (Jullien & Calvet, 1903)
Species Hippothoa aporosa (Levinsen, 1909) accepted as Antarctothoa aporosa (Levinsen, 1909) (synonym)
Species Hippothoa aruensis Morris, 1980 accepted as Hippothoa distans MacGillivray, 1869 (junior subjective synonym)
Species Hippothoa bougainvillei (d'Orbigny, 1842) accepted as Antarctothoa bougainvillei (d'Orbigny, 1842)
Species Hippothoa cornuta accepted as Celleporella cornuta (Busk, 1854)
Species Hippothoa hyalina (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted as Celleporella hyalina (Linnaeus, 1767) (synonym)
Species Hippothoa pacifica accepted as Hippothoa divaricata pacifica Gordon, 1984
Species Hippothoa pesanseris Smitt, 1873 accepted as Bryopesanser pesanseris (Smitt, 1873)
Bock, P.; Gordon, D. (2018). World List of Bryozoa. Hippothoa Lamouroux, 1821. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=110931 on 2018-05-21
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