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Heteropanope Stimpson, 1858

106939  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:106939)

Heteropanope glabra Stimpson, 1858 (type by subsequent designation)
Subgenus Heteropanope (Pilumnopeus)
Species Heteropanope acanthocarpus Crosnier, 1967
Species Heteropanope bengalensis (Deb, 1998)
Species Heteropanope glabra Stimpson, 1858
Species Heteropanope hilarula (de Man, 1928)
Species Heteropanope longipedes Davie, 1989
Species Heteropanope neolaevis Deb, 1998
Species Heteropanope tuberculidens Monod, 1956

Species Heteropanope africanus de Man, 1902 accepted as Pilumnopeus africanus (de Man, 1902)
Species Heteropanope australiensis Stimpson, 1858 accepted as Pilumnopeus serratifrons (Kinahan, 1856)
Species Heteropanope convexa accepted as Heteropanope convexus Maccagno, 1936 accepted as Pilumnopeus convexus (Maccagno, 1936)
Species Heteropanope convexus Maccagno, 1936 accepted as Pilumnopeus convexus (Maccagno, 1936)
Species Heteropanope cristadentatus Shen, 1936 accepted as Heteropilumnus ciliatus (Stimpson, 1858)
Species Heteropanope granulipes Sakai, 1939 accepted as Nanocassiope granulipes (Sakai, 1939)
Species Heteropanope indica de Man, 1887 accepted as Benthopanope indica (de Man, 1887)
Species Heteropanope laevis (Dana, 1852) accepted as Glabropilumnus laevis (Dana, 1852) (superseded combination)
Species Heteropanope makianus Rathbun, 1931 accepted as Pilumnopeus makianus (Rathbun, 1931)
Species Heteropanope pearsei Rathbun, 1932 accepted as Benthopanope pearsei (Rathbun, 1932)
Species Heteropanope pharaonica Nobili, 1906 accepted as Benthopanope pharaonica (Nobili, 1906)
Species Heteropanope sexangula Rathbun, 1909 accepted as Benthopanope sexangula (Rathbun, 1909)
Species Heteropanope vincentiana Rathbun, 1929 accepted as Flindersoplax vincentiana (Rathbun, 1929)
Not documented
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