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Paguridae Latreille, 1802

106738  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:106738)

Genus Acanthopagurus de Saint Laurent, 1968
Genus Agaricochirus McLaughlin, 1982
Genus Alainopaguroides McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Alainopagurus Lemaitre & McLaughlin, 1995
Genus Alloeopagurodes Komai, 1998
Genus Anapagrides de Saint Laurent-Dechancé, 1966
Genus Anapagurus Henderson, 1886
Genus Anisopagurus McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Bathypaguropsis McLaughlin, 1994
Genus Boninpagurus Asakura & Tachikawa, 2004
Genus Bythiopagurus McLaughlin, 2003
Genus Catapaguroides A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1892
Genus Catapaguropsis Lemaitre & McLaughlin, 2006
Genus Catapagurus A. Milne-Edwards, 1880
Genus Ceratopagurus Yokoya, 1933
Genus Cestopagurus Bouvier, 1897
Genus Chanopagurus Lemaitre, 2003
Genus Cycetopagurus McLaughlin, 2004
Genus Decaphyllus de Saint Laurent, 1968
Genus Dentalopagurus McLaughlin, 2007
Genus Diacanthurus McLaughlin & Forest, 1997
Genus Discorsopagurus McLaughlin, 1974
Genus Elassochirus Benedict, 1892
Genus Enallopaguropsis McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Enallopagurus McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Enneobranchus García-Gómez, 1988
Genus Enneopagurus McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Enneophyllus McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Eutrichopagurus Komai, 2015
Genus Forestopagurus García-Gómez, 1995
Genus Goreopagurus McLaughlin, 1988
Genus Hachijopagurus Osawa & Okuno, 2003
Genus Haigiopagurus McLaughlin, 2005
Genus Icelopagurus McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Iridopagurus de Saint Laurent-Dechancé, 1966
Genus Kumepagurus Komai & Osawa, 2012
Genus Labidochirus Benedict, 1892
Genus Leptopagurus Lemaitre, Felder & Poupin, 2017
Genus Lithopagurus Provenzano, 1968
Genus Lophopagurus McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Manucomplanus McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Michelopagurus McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Micropagurus McLaughlin, 1986
Genus Munidopagurus A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1893
Genus Nematopaguroides Forest & de Saint Laurent, 1968
Genus Nematopagurus A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1892
Genus Orthopagurus Stevens, 1927
Genus Ostraconotus A. Milne-Edwards, 1880
Genus Pagurellus Lemaitre, Felder & Poupin, 2017
Genus Paguridium Forest, 1961
Genus Pagurina Lemaitre, Felder & Poupin, 2017
Genus Paguriscus Lemaitre, Felder & Poupin, 2017
Genus Paguritta Melin, 1939
Genus Pagurixus Melin, 1939
Genus Pagurodes Henderson, 1888
Genus Pagurodofleinia Asakura, 2005
Genus Pagurojacquesia de Saint Laurent & McLaughlin, 2000
Genus Paguruncio Lemaitre, Felder & Poupin, 2017
Genus Pagurus J.C. Fabricius, 1775
Genus Parapagurodes McLaughlin & Haig, 1973
Genus Patagurus Anker & Paulay, 2013
Genus Phimochirus McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Pliopagurus Komai, 2013
Genus Porcellanopagurus Filhol, 1885
Genus Propagurus McLaughlin & de Saint Laurent, 1998
Genus Protoniopagurus Lemaitre & McLaughlin, 1996
Genus Pseudopagurodes McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Pteropagurus McLaughlin & Rahayu, 2006
Genus Pumilopagurus McLaughlin & Rahayu, 2008
Genus Pusillopagurus Lemaitre, Felder & Poupin, 2017
Genus Pygmaeopagurus McLaughlin, 1986
Genus Pylopaguridium McLaughlin & Lemaitre, 2001
Genus Pylopaguropsis Alcock, 1905
Genus Pylopagurus A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1893
Genus Rhodochirus McLaughlin, 1981
Genus Scopaeopagurus McLaughlin & Hogarth, 1998
Genus Solenopagurus de Saint Laurent, 1968
Genus Solitariopagurus Türkay, 1986
Genus Spathapagurus Lemaitre & Felder, 2011
Genus Spiropagurus Stimpson, 1858
Genus Tarrasopagurus McLaughlin, 1997
Genus Tomopaguroides Balss, 1912
Genus Tomopaguropsis Alcock, 1905
Genus Tomopagurus A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1893
Genus Trichopagurus de Saint Laurent, 1968
Genus Turleania McLaughlin, 1997

Genus Benthopagurus Wass, 1963 accepted as Tomopagurus A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1893 (junior synonym)
Genus Nympagurus Boone, 1932 accepted as Pagurus J.C. Fabricius, 1775 (junior synonym)
Not documented
Lemaitre, R.; McLaughlin, P. (2021). World Paguroidea & Lomisoidea Database. Paguridae Latreille, 1802. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=106738 on 2021-09-27
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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
Dutch heremietkreeften  [details]
English right-handed hermit crabshermit crabs  [details]
German Rechtshänder-EinsiedlerkrebseMeeres-Einsiedlerkrebse  [details]
Japanese ホンヤドカリ科  [details]
Swedish eremitkräftor  [details]