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Acasta Leach, 1817

106116  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:106116)

Species Acasta alba Barnard, 1924
Species Acasta alcyonicola Utinomi, 1953
Species Acasta armata Gravier, 1921
Species Acasta chejudoensis Kim & Kim, 1988
Species Acasta conica Hoek, 1913
Species Acasta coriolis Rosell, 1991
Species Acasta crassa Broch, 1931
Species Acasta cyathus Darwin, 1854
Species Acasta daedalusa Kolbasov, 1993
Species Acasta denticulata Hiro, 1931
Species Acasta echinata Hiro, 1937
Species Acasta fenestrata Darwin, 1854
Species Acasta fischeri Locard, 1877 †
Species Acasta flexuosa Nilsson-Cantell, 1931
Species Acasta foraminifera Broch, 1931
Species Acasta formae de Alessandri, 1897 †
Species Acasta gregaria Utinomi, 1959
Species Acasta hirsuta Broch, 1916
Species Acasta idiopoma Pilsbry, 1912
Species Acasta infirma Kolbasov, 1992
Species Acasta japonica Pilsbry, 1911
Species Acasta koltuni Kolbasov, 1991
Species Acasta madagascariensis Ren, 1989
Species Acasta muricata Seguenza, 1876 †
Species Acasta newmani Van Syoc & Winther, 1999
Species Acasta pertusa Kolbasov, 1990
Species Acasta purpurata Darwin, 1854
Species Acasta rimiformis Kolbasov, 1991
Species Acasta sarda de Alessandri, 1895 †
Species Acasta schafferi de Alessandri, 1910 †
Species Acasta semota Hiro, 1933
Species Acasta serrata Hiro, 1937
Species Acasta sinica Ren, 1984
Species Acasta spinosa Hiro, 1939
Species Acasta spongiteformis Kolbasov, 1993
Species Acasta spongites (Poli, 1791)
Species Acasta striata Gruvel, 1901
Species Acasta sulcata Lamarck, 1818
Species Acasta tzetlini Kolbasov, 1992
Species Acasta umitosaka Utinomi, 1962
Species Acasta undulata Darwin, 1854 †
Species Acasta vesiculosa Carriol, 2008 †
Species Acasta vipensis Van Syoc, Carrison-Stone, Madrona & Williams, 2014

Species Acasta abnormis Kolbasov, 1991 accepted as Euacasta abnormis (Kolbasov, 1991) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta aculeata Nilsson-Cantell, 1921 accepted as Euacasta aculeata (Nilsson-Cantell, 1921) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta angusticalcar Broch, 1931 accepted as Pectinoacasta angusticalcar (Broch, 1931) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta antipathidis Broch, 1916 accepted as Euacasta antipathidis (Broch, 1916) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta aperta Hiro, 1931 accepted as Acasta dofleini Krüger, 1911 (listed as synonym by Newman & Ross, 1976)
Species Acasta cancellorum Hiro, 1931 accepted as Pectinoacasta cancellorum (Hiro, 1931) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta coriobasis Broch, 1947 accepted as Neoacasta coriobasis (Broch, 1947) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta ctenodentia Rosell, 1972 accepted as Euacasta ctenodentia (Rosell, 1972) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta dofleini Krüger, 1911 accepted as Euacasta dofleini (Kruger, 1911) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta fossata Barnard, 1924 accepted as Neoacasta fossata (Barnard, 1924) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta glans Lamarck, 1818 accepted as Neoacasta glans (Lamarck, 1818) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta komaii Hiro, 1931 accepted as Acasta pectinipes Pilsbry, 1912 (listed as synonym by Newman & Ross, 1976)
Species Acasta laevigata Gray, 1925 accepted as Neoacasta laevigata (Gray, 1825) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta membranacea Barnard, 1924 accepted as Archiacasta membranacea (Barnard, 1924) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta microforamina Rosell, 1970 accepted as Euacasta microforamina (Rosell, 1970) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta nitida Hoek, 1913 accepted as Acasta pectinipes Pilsbry, 1912 (listed as synonym by Newman & Ross, 1976)
Species Acasta pectinipes Pilsbry, 1912 accepted as Pectinoacasta pectinipes (Pilsbry, 1912) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta perforata Rosell, 1991 accepted as Multatria perforata (Rosell, 1991) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta porata Nilsson-Cantell, 1921 accepted as Euacasta porata (Nilsson-Cantell, 1921) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta sculptura Broch, 1931 accepted as Pectinoacasta sculpturata (Broch, 1931) (generic reassignment and misspelling)
Species Acasta scuticosta Weltner, 1887 accepted as Neoacasta scuticosta (Weltner, 1887) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta spinifera Utinomi, 1967 accepted as Archiacasta spinifera (Utinomi, 1967) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta spinitergum Broch, 1931 accepted as Archiacasta spinitergum (Broch, 1931) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta sporillus Darwin, 1854 accepted as Euacasta sporillus (Darwin, 1854) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta tenuivalvata Broch, 1947 accepted as Archiacasta tenuivalvata (Broch, 1947) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta tulipa Hiro, 1933 accepted as Archiacasta tulipa (Hiro, 1933) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta zevinae Kolbasov, 1991 accepted as Pectinoacasta zevinae (Kolbasov, 1991) (generic reassignment)
Species Acasta zuiho Hiro, 1936 accepted as Euacasta zuiho (Hiro, 1936) (generic reassignment)
recent + fossil
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