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Vinod, K.; George, R.M.; Thomas, P.A.; Manisseri, M.K. 2012. Semperella megaloxea sp nov (Family: Pheronematidae): A new hexactinellid sponge from Andaman waters, India. Indian Journal of Fisheries 59 (1): 33-36.
The hexactinellid sponge described in this paper, Semperella megaloxea sp. nov. was collected from the eastern side of North Andaman waters off Diglipur at 13 degrees 06' N lat. and 93 degrees 11' E long, during one of the FORV Sagar Sampada expeditions. Critical examination of the specimen indicated that it belonged to the Class Hexactinellida, Sub-class Amphidiscophora and Order Amphidiscosida. Although diactin spicules are present, the presence of large number of pentactin spicules indicates that it belongs to the Family Pheronematidae. The columnar body with atrial surface divided into several areas separated by dermal areas indicates that the specimen belongs to the genus Semperella. The morphology of the whole sponge specimen, the presence of very long diactin spicules of oscular tuft and the pentactins with very long rays do not match well with any of the already described species of the genus Semperella Gray.
Indian Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z