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The true identity of this species is poorly known, and current research status points towards synonymy with <I>Turritella communis</I> Risso, 1826 over which it would take precedence should that be the case.
Reeve (1849, pl. 7, sp. 35) argued that the name was attributed by Lamarck based on "a worn and very obscure specimen", yet still assimilates to it the <I>Turbo terebra</I> of the Fauna Svecica (not of Linnaeus, 1758 Sys. Nat. 10th Ed.), the <I>Turritella linnei</I> of Deshayes, 1833, as well as <I>Turritella communis</I> Risso, 1826 and the <I>Turritella ungulina</I> as listed by Deshayes (not of Linnaeus).
Not documented