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Note"Bairdia tuberculata Brady (1880, p. 60) is a new name for a species which has been called Bairdia rhomboidea Brady (1868, p. 162, pl. 19, figs. 14, 15) because the old name is preoccupied by Bairdia rhomboidea Kirkby (1858, p. 433, pl. 11, figs. 3, 3a). However, the specimens described under the new name Bairdia tuberculata by Brady (1880, p. 60, pl. 10, figs. 3a-d) do not belong to the species which he has called Bairdia rhomboidea but represent, actually, a new species which is later described as Triebelina schyroconcha by Maddocks (1969a, p. 65, 66, figs. 33g, h, pl. 2, figs. 7, 8)."
SourceHanai, T; Ikeya, N; Yajima, M. (1980). Checklist of Ostracoda from southeast Asia. Bulletin University Museum University of Tokyo No. 17: 1-236. available online at http://www.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp/publish_db/Bulletin/no17/no17000.html
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