WoRMS note details

Test small, cordate. Apical system ethmolytic, 3 gonopores, no gonopore in genital plate 2. Anterior ambulacrum non-petaloid, slightly sunken, pores uniserial; petals more deeply and broadly sunken, straight, anterior and posterior nearly equal length, pores nonconjugate, occluded plate at terminus of posterior petals. Sparse, scattered, perforate, nonscrobiculate primary tubercles. Peristome pentagonal, slight posterior lip, labrum elongate, plastron amphisternous. Peripetalous fasciole present anteriorly, indented. Subanal fasciole bilobed.
Zachos, L.G. 2012. A new genus and species of echinoid (Echinoidea, Spatangoida) from the Oligocene (Rupelian) of Mississippi. Southeastern Geology, 49/1, 43-48.