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TypeType material
ISO 639-3eng
NoteAccording to Strelzov (1973) type specimens were not preserved.
SourcesStrelzov, V.E. (1973). МНОГОЩЕТИНКОВЫЕ ЧЕРВИ семейства Paraonidae Cerruti, 1909 [Polychaete worms of the family Paraonidae Cerruti, 1909 (Polychaeta, Sedentaria)]. Akademia Nauk. Moscow. 1-170. available online at http://herba.msu.ru/shipunov/school/books/streltsov1973_paraonidae.pdf

Strelzov, V.E. (1979). Polychaete worms of the Family Paraonidae Cerruti, 1909 (Polychaeta, Sedentaria). New Delhi, Amerind Publishing Co., for The Smithsonian Institution & The National Science Foundation. [English translation from Akademiya Nauk, SSR 1973] pp. 212.
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