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NoteAntedon incommoda with centrodorsal discoidal, with aboral pole quite flat although variable in width and with cirrus sockets sometimes encroaching. Cirri 20-35, of up to 13 (rarely 14) cirrals; longest cirrals with L/W ratio not more than 1.5; antepenultimate about as long as broad or broader; distal half of cirri wider than proximal half; cirrus length ~20% of arm length when that is about 35 mm. Arms to 50 mm long. P1 of 15-32 segments; P2 less than half as long with nearly half as many segments; P3 genital, similar P2.
SourceClark AH, Clark AM (1967) A monograph of the existing crinoids 1(5). Bulletin of the United States National Museum (82):1-860.
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