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NoteOliva nana Lamarck, 1811, described from the coast of Angola was included in the genus Olivancillaria
by Fischer (1887) and later cited by many authors in the same genus (e.g. Dautzenberg 1912, Odhner 1923,
Nickles 1950, Klappenbach 1965, Burnay & Conceição 1983, etc.). However, the presence of operculum excludes it
from Olivancillaria. Abbott & Dance (1986) included it in Olivella, which appears to be a more accurate assignation.
SourceTeso V. & Pastorino G. (2011) A revision of the genus Olivancillaria (Mollusca: Olividae) from the southwestern Atlantic. Zootaxa 2889: 1–34.
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