WoRMS note details

<i>Oliva nana</i> Lamarck, 1811, described from the coast of Angola was included in the genus <i>Olivancillaria</i>
by Fischer (1887) and later cited by many authors in the same genus (e.g. Dautzenberg 1912, Odhner 1923,
Nickles 1950, Klappenbach 1965, Burnay & Conceição 1983, etc.). However, the presence of operculum excludes it
from <i>Olivancillaria</i>. Abbott & Dance (1986) included it in <i>Olivella</i>, which appears to be a more accurate assignation.
Teso V. & Pastorino G. (2011) A revision of the genus Olivancillaria (Mollusca: Olividae) from the southwestern Atlantic. Zootaxa 2889: 1–34.