WoRMS note details

The earlier name <i>Anadara gibbosa</i> (Reeve, 1844) has been put forward by Huber (2010: 572) as the valid name to be used for instead of the better known name <i>Anadara polii</i> (Mayer, 1868). <i>Arca gibbosa</i> has been used twice in the XXth century (Lamy, 1907: 245-246; van Beek, 1969: 17, 289, pl. 56) as the valid name of a species (albeit misidentified) which precludes the application of <a href="http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-sites/iczn/code/includes/page.jsp?article=23&nfv=#9" target = "_blank">ICZN art. 23.9</a> and declaration of “nomen oblitum”. There is one syntype (reg. nº 1969216) in The Natural History Museum stated by Huber (2010) as conspecific with Mediterranean specimens.
Not documented